COVID-19: Environment and animals

We will publish details of any changes to our environmental and animal services due to coronavirus on these pages.

You can also see information about changes to our waste and recycling services.

Current environment and animals service updates

Noise nuisance

We must all follow Government rules on staying at home and only going out for only essential shopping or exercise.

Many people are working from home and need to concentrate and need quiet time to get on with their jobs. At the same time, parents with children at home from school may be creating more noise than usual.

We ask for you to show tolerance and consideration for your neighbours at this difficult time and as we get used to new ways of living. It’s important that we all work together when dealing with perceived noise nuisance during the coronavirus outbreak

If you're working from home, please think about what you can do to live with levels of noise from your neighbours, such as using a room in a quieter part of your house or using headphones to help concentrate.

If this doesn’t work, in most cases being neighbourly and considerate can resolve the majority of problems.

The Neighbourhood Enforcement Team is here to investigate criminal levels of noise nuisance and activate legal enforcement. If you do not think that what you are experiencing needs this, consider safe contact with your neighbours to reach an agreement.

Contact your neighbours by phone or social media with a friendly request to work together on a solution which works for everyone. Please follow government guidance on social distancing when making contact.

It might be an idea for you and your neighbours to look at how you can both have times for quiet work time, and rest or play time.

If you believe noise levels are unreasonable let us know. Call the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team on telephone: 01904 551555, or email:, with a message with your name, address and a telephone number and an officer will get back to you.

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Stray dogs

Our stray dog service is currently suspended due to coronavirus restrictions.

If you find a stray dog or have lost your dog please phone our Dog Warden on telephone: 01904 552299, who may have had contact from owners and finders and can put you in touch.

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Fly-tipping and bonfires

Do not burn or dump your waste. Be aware that:

  • we’ll collect waste at a later date; store or compost your waste in the meantime
  • burning waste may cause a smoke nuisance to your neighbours
  • bonfires can get out of hand and be dangerous, putting additional pressures on emergency services
  • we can prosecute you, or issue fines up to £400, if you're caught fly-tipping

If you choose to use a private waste collection service, make sure they're registered to legally dispose of waste. If your domestic waste is fly-tipped, the law states you could be held responsible and face prosecution, even if someone else has dumped it. See more information about your responsibility for your domestic waste.

Report fly-tipping incidents online.

Bonfires on public land are illegal; anyone caught building a bonfire could be fined for fly-tipping. If you see an illegal fire being built, please report fly-tipping.

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