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Environment and animals

Stray and missing dogs

Contact us to:

  • report a stray dog
  • see if your lost dog has been found

If we find your dog, we'll try to return it to you. If there's no one home or your dog has no collar, we'll take it to the kennels.

The law requires that all dogs must wear a collar and tag bearing the owner's name and address, even if the dog is micro-chipped.

Stray dog fees

We charge £77.00 to return your dog, plus kennel fees and any necessary vet bills. The cost of kennelling per day (or part day) is £13.

Kennel fees are charged by the day, no matter how short a time the dog is in our care.

Rehoming stray dogs

We keep dogs for a statutory 7 day period before we try to re-home them. If we're ever unable to find a suitable home, it's possible the dog may be destroyed.

See further information about adopting stray dogs.

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Service operates from 9.00am to 9.00pm. Voicemail available outside of these hours.

Telephone: 01904 552299