We maintain and repair:

  • street lights (including steel and concrete posts)
  • illuminated signs, bollards and beacons
  • flood lights around the City Walls
  • flashing school signs

See which street lighting problems we cannot help with.

Damaged or faulty electrical equipment can cause serious injury, or death; do not touch or interfere with it, instead report street lighting problems to us.

Report a street lighting problem

When you report a street light problem we’ll check the fault during daylight hours and aim to ‘fix first visit’; see our street lighting response times.

Report a street lighting problem

To report a problem with street lighting tell us:

  • street light number
  • street name
  • details of location (outside house number 2)
  • information about the problem (not working, on at wrong time, damaged)

Our response to street lighting problems

When you report a street lighting problem our action depends on the fault:

  • urgent faults will be repaired or made safe within 2 hours
  • normal faults will be repaired or made safe within 4 working days

Any street lighting problems we’ve ‘made safe’ will be repaired within 20 working days.

If we’re working with a utility company to resolve problems (such as issues with the electricity supply), repairs will be completed within 35 working days, which is the national standard.

Our street lighting responsibilities

We cannot help with street lighting problems on privately owned land, NHS or library property and ‘unadopted roads’.

As part of our ongoing Carbon Reduction Programme, when we install new lights across the city we aim to:

  • decrease our carbon footprint
  • reduce our energy bills
  • improve lighting (replacing traditional lamps with brighter white light)

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