Our Open Housing portal

We're launching a new integrated housing computer system called 'Open Housing', on 24 January 2022.

The Open Housing portal brings together all housing services for everyone who works with them; at first it will give access to:

  • council housing
  • temporary accommodation
  • resettlement services
  • housing management
  • housing repairs
  • planned maintenance
  • minor adaptations
  • leaseholder services

The Open Housing portal can be used by all housing customers (people applying for a council home, people who are homeless, council tenants and leaseholders), as well as contractors working with us to provide housing services.

Your Open Housing account

Set up an Open Housing account from 24 January, when the portal is launched:

Open Housing portal

Once you have an account you'll be able to:

  • check your rent account, and see when rent is due
  • update details about you and your household
  • contact housing staff
  • view your repair history and upcoming planned works

Open Housing improvements

The Open Housing portal will continue to be improved to bring you access to more services online.

In furture:

  • tenants will be able to set up and amend Direct Debits, and request and schedule repairs
  • customers will be able to apply for a council house in our area (from 4 April 2022)

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