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Adopt a stray dog

We keep stray dogs for a statutory 7 day period, before we try to re-home them. If we're ever unable to find a suitable home, it's possible the dog may be destroyed.

When we rehome stray dogs, we make every effort to advise new owners about the animal. However, the responsibility for the dog's temperament, health and condition passes to the new owner when they sign the adoption form.

Contact the Stray Dogs and Missing Animals Team for information about adopting a stray dog.

Conditions of adopting an animal

If you decide to adopt a dog, you should be aware that:

  • you're responsible for ensuring the dog receives veterinary treatment when required, including annual boosters/inoculations
  • the dog must live inside your house and not outside
  • the dog must wear a collar at all times with an identity tag with your name and address
  • the dog must be micro-chipped and neutered
  • you must comply with all legislation and local by-laws relating to dog ownership, including dog fouling and being kept under proper control
  • the dog must be properly fed and cared for and not allowed to stray or cause nuisance
  • you'll agree to a home visit prior to adopting the dog and any time after this by prior arrangement
  • the dog must not change ownership without our prior consent

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