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Environment and animals

Wildlife advice

Good husbandry and bio-security measures are vital to control and eradicate animal disease - see further information about Avian Influenza (bird flu).

See further information on animal diseases from DEFRA.

Transporting animals

Legislation is in place to ensure animal welfare is protected during transport. We achieve this by carrying out inspections on the road, at markets and at abattoirs.

See further information on animal welfare during transport from DEFRA.

Fallen stock

Fallen stock can no longer be buried or burnt in the open due to the risk of disease spreading through groundwater or air pollution. Animals must be taken to or collected by an approved knacker, hunt kennel, incinerator or renderer, either by private arrangement, or under the National Fallen Stock Scheme.

The commercial document that accompanies each consignment must be retained for 2 years by the owner of the carcass, the haulier and the destination premise.

Further information on fallen stock and the safe disposal of dead animals, is available from DEFRA.

Guidance for animal keepers

Guidance is available from DEFRA for each of the following species:

Also see

Ecology and Countryside Officer

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