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Out-of-hours emergencies

During normal opening times we deal with urgent problems within 2 hours; use our eForms to report problems.

To report an emergency (fire, flood, criminal act, or circumstances posing risk to public health and safety) that requires immediate attention 'out of hours' (after 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, or between 3.00pm Friday and 8.30am Monday), telephone: 01904 551550.

Use our eForm to report dog or other animal waste that needs clearing up, including:

  • a nuisance caused by other animal waste in a public place
  • an accumulation of animal waste in a garden or yard

Report dog fouling

We cannot deal with reports of animal waste on grassed areas or on private land, other than in some extreme circumstances.

Report dog fouling via our street cleaning form.

Penalties for not clearing up dog waste

Not cleaning up after your dog is an offence. You must clean up after your dog on:

  • footpaths
  • bridle paths
  • parks
  • grass verges
  • public areas

If you do not clear up your dog's waste you may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) or prosecuted. FPNs have fines attached, and prosecution can result in a greater fine.

If you see a dog owner failing to pick up dog waste, report dog fouling to the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team.

FPNs cannot be issued in respect of other pets which are free-roaming, such as cats.

Dog waste disposal

You can report issues with dog waste bins or litter bins.

If a dog bin is full or overflowing, we'll empty it within 2 hours. If we get your report after 3.00pm, then the dog bin will be emptied before 10.00am the following working day.

If a bin is damaged or missing we'll repair or replace it as soon as possible.

If a dog bin is not available you can dispose of dog waste, sealed properly in a plastic bag, in public litter bins or with your household waste.

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Telephone: 01904 551551