Public trees are those trees for which we are responsible, as opposed to privately-owned trees, or trees on private land. Public trees may be in:

  • parks and open spaces
  • communal areas
  • verges adjacent to highways

All our own public trees are protected by the Arboricultural Policy for York.

People working near trees can often cause serious damage. When carrying out works near to trees, contractors or individuals must adhere to national and local tree protection guidelines as set out in the Arboricultural Policy.

If you feel that damage is being done to a public tree, contact the Protected Trees Team.

Report a concern with a public tree

We can carry out work to public trees where there is an identified health and safety issue.

We can't carry out all tree pruning requests. Unnecessary pruning damages trees leaving them vulnerable to disease.

Report an issue with a public tree which could pose a risk, such as:

  • fallen trees or broken, hanging branches causing a hazard
  • trees or branches causing an obstruction to a footpath
  • a dead or decayed tree
  • large dead or hanging branches
  • splits and tears in tree branches and stems
  • large decay cavities and fungus growing on or around trees
  • root lifting and ground movement around trees seen in windy weather
  • workers digging under trees, cutting roots or damaging trees
  • residents lopping trees without known authorization
  • damaged tree guards or vandalism to trees
  • swings, tree houses and ropes in trees

Report an issue with a public tree

Do not report trees in private gardens or on private land unless there is a risk to a nearby path or road.

Map of public and private trees

We're responsible for approximately 30,000 public trees across the city.

Zoom in to see different areas and types of trees on the map, including conservation areas and tree preservation order (TPO) areas. Click on an area (or a tree) for more information.

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Reporting other tree issues

If the tree is touching overhead telephone wires report safety concerns to Openreach.

If the tree is touching overhead electric wires report safety concerns to Northern Powergrid.

If a problem relates to a tree in a private property, you should try to settle the dispute with the property owner informally before we are able to intervene.

See guidelines as to how to deal with disputes over private trees, private hedges and boundaries on GOV.UK.

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York Tree Wardens

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Protected Trees

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Telephone: 01904 551371/551168