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We apply treatment for weeds throughout the growing season across York, to control weeds growing on public land, including:

  • kerbs
  • footpaths
  • back lanes

Before reporting a concern relating to weeds or moss, you should check how we deal with the treatment of weeds across the city.

Use our eForm to report a concern with weeds or moss on public land.

Report a problem with weeds or moss

How we treat weeds

Weed killer is delivered using ride-on machinery. We use modern technology and best practice to reduce the amount of chemicals used, using a non-residual, contact weed killer which has no harmful effects on the soil.

Because of the way we treat weeds:

  • only weeds that are growing at the time of treatment will be killed
  • weeds will begin to die 10 or more days after they have been sprayed
  • any weeds that appear after treatment will continue to grow until the next treatment
  • weeds are always visible, but in various states

Subject to weather conditions and the growing season, we aim to treat weeds:

  • 3 times a year
  • between the end of April and mid-September

Each application takes approximately 3 weeks to complete across the city, depending on the weather.

We start to inspect treated areas 2 weeks after the start of the season, and apply further treatments where required.

We'll respond to requests to treat weeds and moss within 4 working days.

We cannot treat weeds on private land. Contact us if you wish to report concerns about overgrown weeds on private property.

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Telephone: 01904 551551