Floods - advice and information

When there is any major weather event, we will provide assistance, practical support and information as soon as it is safe and appropriate to do so.

You can get updates about any current flooding through the following channels:

  • for the latest information and advice in the event of any major flooding event, you can refer to our floods in York page
  • for regular updates follow us on Twitter or Facebook
  • for more information please email: flood@york.gov.uk
  • to speak to us about concerns related to floods please contact us

Helpful information

Flood warnings

The GOV.UK flood information service is updated regularly.

If you live in a flood-risk area you can get warnings sent direct to you by phone, text message or email - contact the Environment Agency's Floodline on tel: 0345 9881188 for more information.

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Traffic and travel during floods

For the latest traffic and travel information, including details of road closures visit the iTravel York website.

Get advice on driving through flood water from SmartDriving.co.uk.

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Support for residents and businesses

For detailed information on financial support available for those affected by the floods please see our leaflet, York Floods - Financial support package for residents and businesses.

If you have a business in a flood-risk area you can get warnings sent direct to you by phone, text message or email - contact the Environment Agency's Floodline on tel: 0345 9881188 for more information.

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Flood damaged waste and temporary skips

Council skips were made available in over 60 locations for the immediate clean-up after the floods on 26 December 2015.

Special measures were put in place after the 2015/16 floods for business users to dispose of flood damaged waste at the Hazel Court Household Waste Recycling Centre.

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Flood safety and public health

Please avoid entering flood waters, as there may be hidden dangers like sharp objects, raised manhole covers and pollution.

Protecting your home from floods

For practical advice on what to do to protect yourself and your property during and after a flood view the Environment Agency leaflet 'What to do before, during and after a flood' or find out how to protect your home from floods on the Environment Agency website.

Public Health England

We have a public health responsibility and works closely with Public Health England, who have a variety of advice for those affected by flooding including:

Repairs to your home

Take care when deciding which traders can help you to repair your home, or which services to use following floods. For advice on how to spot rogue traders see the Citizens Advice Bureau website, or contact them on tel: 03454 04 05 06.

You can also see Age UK York's home services directory which offers a list of traders vetted by the police and City of York Trading Standards to protect householders from bogus traders.

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The Association of British Insurers have advice for those recovering from floods.

If you have been affected, please contact your insurer. Information is also available from the Association of British Insurers on the insurance process when responding to major floods.

You can also find out about Flood Re, a joint Government and insurance industry initiative to enable you to find affordable insurance for qualifying properties that are at risk of flooding or have been flooded.

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Flooding advice for businesses

If your business has been affected by flooding please see the Health and Safety Executive's advice on recovering your business safely after flooding.

If your food business has been affected by flooding please see our flooding advice for food businesses.

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It's very important that we make sure we have enough sandbags to protect key buildings (such as hospitals). However, we do try to prevent widespread flooding in all areas.

For details of our sandbag policy and how to build a sandbag wall, see our sandbag information.

Please note:

  • sandbags are not available for public collection from Hazel Court
  • we give out sandbags to private properties if we have enough, and people to distribute them
  • there is no charge for sandbags
  • we may restrict the number you can have.

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River flooding emergency plans

The River Ouse and River Foss rise and fall regularly in York. With our partners we have well-established emergency plans for flooding and for the protection of the city, its people and premises when this happens. The actions and temporary works detailed within plans are incremental and are triggered by Environment Agency warnings and forecasts.

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Further information for those affected by floods

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