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Flyposting is illegal advertising using posters, flyers or types of other literature, which are:

  • displayed without permission
  • failing to meet certain conditions

Report flyposting

Contact Waste, Highways and Environmental Services to make a complaint about flyposting, providing the following details:

  • location and details of the adverts
  • a description of any persons/vehicles seen posting the adverts

Action against flyposting

We monitor for illegal advertising on street furniture and beside roads and pavements as part of a campaign to improve the appearance of local neighbourhoods.

Our Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers investigate flyposting reports and contact any businesses concerned, asking them to remove adverts within a specified time period. If adverts are not removed on time, we'll remove them and recover costs from the business concerned.

If we're unable to establish who has displayed an advert, we can remove it without notice.

We can take enforcement action against anyone caught flyposting and any venue or business benefiting from illegal advertising.

Repeat flyposting offenders can be prosecuted.

Advertising guidelines

Not all adverts are flyposting. As long as guidelines are followed and relevant permissions are sought, you may be able to advertise your event legally.

Business advertising

Check whether you need permission before displaying adverts by submitting an advertisement planning permission application, if your advertisement is purely for profit.

Community and charity venue advertising

If you're holding an event for charitable purposes, you may be granted permission known as 'deemed consent' to put up temporary signs and notices.

'A guide for voluntary committees and community venues' provides useful information and guidelines, so you can check which conditions you need to meet to ensure your adverts are suitable.

Also see

Waste, Highways and Environmental Services

Telephone: 01904 551551

Neighbourhood Enforcement Team

Community Safety Hub, West Offices, Station Rise, York, YO1 6GA

Telephone: 01904 551555