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Fly-tipping and dumping

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste.

When you report a fly-tipping problem, we'll check the location and aim to 'clear first visit' - see our fly-tipping response times and which fly-tipping problems we cannot help with.

To report a problem with fly-tipping, tell us:

  • the location, including road names and landmarks
  • a description of the tipped items, including quantities
  • a description of the person committing the offence (if known)
  • details of any vehicles involved, including make, colour and registration number
  • whether or not you'd be happy to give a witness statement to officers about what you've seen

Report a Fly-Tipping problem

Warning: Do not tamper with fly-tipped waste; you could put yourself at risk, or affect evidence that helps us take legal action against those responsible for fly-tipping.

Our response to fly-tipping problems

Our crews work between 7.30am and 2.30pm, Monday to Friday. Fly-tipping problems reported outside of these times are received the next working day.

When you report a fly-tipping problem, we'll clear it away within 6 working days. If we find items which could be used as evidence in legal action against those responsible for fly-tipping, our Neighbourhood Enforcement team will investigate further. Fly-tipping will be cleared once any investigation is complete.

Please Note: You can report a complaint to us anonymously but in most cases evidence is required to a criminal standard of proof and officers are unable to proceed to formal enforcement action without a witness.

Bins or bags that have been incorrectly put out for waste collections are not fly-tipping; we may not respond to these issue within the same response times.

Our fly-tipping responsibilities

We're responsible for clearing fly-tipping:

  • on public land and highways
  • on York's riverbanks
  • in the navigable areas of the River Foss

We cannot help with fly-tipping in the River Ouse, this is the responsibility of the Environment Agency.

If fly-tipping is on privately owned land, NHS or library property, or ‘un-adopted roads’, we'll investigate any offences and ensure the landowner arranges the removal of the dumped items.

Fly-tipping penalties

We take fly-tipping very seriously, we'll prosecute anyone caught dumping waste.

To do this we:

  • may use surveillance equipment to monitor known problem areas
  • can investigate fly-tipping offences to take enforcement action against those responsible

We can issue Fixed Penalty Notices of up to £400 or prosecute anyone caught dumping waste.

A successful prosecution can result in a fine at a magistrate's court of up to £50,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment.

#Crime Not to Care

Get information on our #CrimeNotToCare campaign and how, if your waste is illegally dumped by someone else, the law states that you could be held responsible for fly-tipping and face prosecution.

Find out more about your responsibility for your household waste.

Commercial waste disposal

Our Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers carry out visits to businesses to ensure that they're adhering to their commercial waste disposal responsibilities.

We also complete checks with the Environment Agency to confirm that all waste carriers are registered.

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