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Fixed Penalty Notices for depositing controlled waste without an Environmental Permit

Depositing controlled waste without an Environmental Permit is fly-tipping.

If you fly-tip, you're committing a criminal offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

Amount of fly-tipped waste

If you deposit an amount of waste ranging from a single bin bag up to a small van load, we consider this as 'small scale fly-tipping' and we can issue you with an FPN.

If you deposit hazardous waste or waste in excess of this amount, we'll progress your case directly for prosecution.

If you receive an FPN for fly-tipping

Find out what happens when you receive an FPN and how to pay an FPN for fly-tipping.

Read more about Fixed Penalty Notices (GOV.UK).

Definition of controlled waste

The types of waste covered include:

  • domestic waste
  • commercial waste
  • industrial waste

These are regulated because they may be toxic, hazardous and harmful to human health or the environment.

Report fly-tipped waste

Report fly-tipping online if you notice waste in a certain location, but didn't witness the crime.

How we try to prevent fly-tipping

We proactively monitor against fly-tipping through a combination of patrols and 'stop and search' operations in partnership with North Yorkshire Police.

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