Waste and recycling

Household waste collections

Disposing of coronavirus waste

If anyone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus, you must securely store used tissues and any disposable gloves, masks, aprons and cleaning cloths in disposable rubbish bags, which are then placed into another bag, tied securely, and kept separately outside for at least 72 hours, before being put out for collection.

To protect our staff, and ensure we can collect your waste safely, bins and boxes should be wiped with disinfectant before and after collection.

Collecting household waste

All households have alternate weekly collections for general rubbish and recycling waste.

Some households also have fortnightly garden waste collections.

Use our online waste collection calendar for:

  • your collection dates
  • types of waste we collect at your address

Online waste collection calendar

You should put your rubbish out, at the front edge or your property (unless otherwise stated in the online waste calendar) between 7.00pm on the day before collection, and 7.00am on your collection day; do not put your rubbish out at any other time.

Amount of household waste we collect

From each household we'll collect:

  • 1 wheelie bin of general rubbish with the lid shut, or up to 3 black refuse sacks of general rubbish for households with bag collections*
  • 1 wheelie bin of garden waste (in garden waste collection areas)
  • additional garden waste bins relating to a valid garden waste subscription (in garden waste collection areas)
  • recycling boxes with correctly separated items (paper/cardboard, plastic, bottles/cans, glass)
  • extra recycling presented in open bags (if correctly sorted and separated)

*this can include garden waste if you live outside a garden waste collection area, or have space in your bin/bags

Disposing of extra waste

Our waste collection teams won't take any extra general rubbish or garden waste.

It's your responsibility to dispose of your waste legally and responsibly.

Take any additional waste to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC):

Missed household waste collections

Later collection times during lockdown

Waste collections may be carried out later in the day, while our Waste Services Teams are working in a flexible way to continue delivering critical services at this time of National Lockdown.

We appreciate your patience as some delays are to be expected.

If your collection has been missed, check our waste collection updates for details of any known service issues.

See details of how we deal with missed household waste collections.

Any missed collections should be reported:

  • after 4.00pm on your collection day
  • within 1 working day of your normal collection time

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