We offer free collections of clinical waste if you need to self-medicate at home.

If you produce any clinical waste, please note:

  • it is your nurse or medical professional’s responsibility to take your clinical waste away for disposal if you have been treated at home
  • we do not provide replacement yellow sharps (needles) boxes - you need to request these from your healthcare provider
  • we do not collect medical waste from businesses, charities or doctors’ surgeries
  • we will not collect loose needles or needles presented in any container which is not a sealed sharps box

Sharps box collections

Contact us to arrange a sharps (needles) collection, which must be presented for collection in a sealed yellow sharps box.

Note: We will not normally pick up single sharps boxes. If you are receiving ongoing treatment, please do not contact us to arrange a collection until you have at least two full containers for collection.

If you have a single sharps box, following a one-off course of treatment, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Bagged clinical waste collections

We can also collect your yellow bagged clinical waste.

Collections of bagged clinical waste are arranged by a referral from York District Hospital.

Additional help with household waste collections

We can also help you to dispose of other medical waste (dressings and packaging) which may not fit in your normal rubbish bin or recycling boxes. We may be able to arrange:

  • a larger black bin for household waste (if you live in a wheeled bin collection area)
  • weekly refuse collections
  • assisted waste collections, if you have difficulty moving your bins or boxes due to your age or a disability

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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