Waste and recycling

Recycling collections

Update about recycling collections

For the safety of our staff and customers, and to help minimise the spread of coronavirus, we’re adapted some of our services - find out about changes to how we collect recycling.

Collecting recycling from the kerbside

We provide kerbside recycling collections to all households:

  • every fortnight on alternate weeks to household waste collections
  • put your boxes out ready for collection between 7.00pm on the day before collection and 7.00am on your collection day
  • check your collection dates using our online waste collection calendar

How we collect recycling

Separate your recycling into these three types and place in the correct box:

  • plastic, tins and cans (metal)
    • please crush cans where possible, to save space
  • paper and cardboard
    • please break larger pieces of cardboard down, so they fit in your box
  • glass bottles and jars
    • please do not present broken glass for recycling, dispose of this safely in household waste

See further information about what you can recycle at the kerbside.

Recycling containers

See details of how to order replacement waste containers.

You can use your own sturdy, plastic containers to present recycling if you don't wish to order containers from us. However, we recommend that these are marked with your house number or property name so they are not taken away as part of your recycling collection. We cannot be held liable for damage to containers which we have not issued.

Please don't present any recycling in cardboard boxes, as there is a risk that the box containing the recycling may be blown away. Cardboard containers may also be damaged by rain or damp conditions, leading to them falling apart when collection is attempted. They also take up too much space within our vehicles, making them fuller much quicker.

Please don't present paper and cardboard in plastic bags, as we cannot collect paper and cardboard mixed with plastic.

Recycling in York

Find out about how we manage recycling in York.

Missed recycling collections

Later collection times during lockdown

Waste collections may be carried out later in the day, while our Waste Services Teams are working in a flexible way to continue delivering critical services at this time of National Lockdown.

We appreciate your patience as some delays are to be expected.

If your collection has been missed, check our waste collection updates for details of any known service issues.

See details of how we deal with missed recycling collections.

You're also able to take your recycling to one of our household waste recycling centres (HWRC):

Recycling for flats

If you live in a flat, you may have:

  • shared or communal recycling bins (kept outside in a bin store), or
  • your own individual recycling boxes

Check what's available to you using our online collection calendar.

Please don't leave bags of recycling next to communal bins.

Recycling for rural properties

If you live in a more remote or rural part of the city, you may only have recycling collections for:

  • paper/cardboard
  • plastic bottles/metal cans

Check which collections are available to you using our online waste collection calendar.

Recycling with St. Nick's

St. Nick's provide weekly recycling collections in the city centre - check the list of streets for St. Nick's recycling collections.

Contact St. Nick's to request a recycling box if you're eligible for their recycling collections.

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