We collect 3 types of household recycling at the kerbside:

You must separate your recycling correctly before putting it out for collection.

Recycling plastic at the kerbside

We collect plastics labelled either PET 1 or HDPE 2 during kerbside recycling.

Recycling label PET 1
Recycling label HDPE 2

You cannot recycle any other type of plastic at the kerbside; if you put other 'mixed plastics' in your recycling, we may not be able to collect it.

Yes please, PET 1 and HDPE 2 plastics, including:

  • drinks, milk and probiotic drink bottles (not pots)
  • household cleaning, detergent and fabric conditioner bottles
  • toiletry bottles including make-up/cleanser, shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath bottles

No thanks:

  • plastic food wrapping
  • food trays
  • margarine tubs
  • yogurt pots
  • toys

See advice on how to deal with excess plastic for kerbside collection.

Disposing of 'mixed plastics'

Recycle 'mixed plastics' by using:

  • recycling banks provided by Sainsbury’s at Monks Cross/Foss Islands
  • the recycling bank locator to find your nearest plastic recycling bank

Alternatively, place mixed plastics in your household waste bin.

Recycling metal tins and cans at the kerbside

You can recycle all metal food and drinks cans (steel and aluminium). You don't need to remove labels, but should wash them out beforehand.

Yes please:

  • food tins (tuna, soup, pet food)
  • drinks cans
  • sweet tins, biscuit tins and metal lids
  • baby milk tins (no plastic lids or scoops)
  • hairspray, deodorant, (empty) spray paint and shaving foam aerosols

No thanks:

  • aluminium foil and foil trays
  • baking trays, metal utensils, coat hangers, cutlery
  • paint tins

See advice on how to deal with excess tins and cans for kerbside collection.

Use the recycling bank locator to find your nearest metal/can recycling bank.

Take other metal items to either of our HWRCs for recycling in the scrap metal skips:

Recycling paper and cardboard at the kerbside

You can recycle paper, card and cardboard at the kerbside.

Yes please:

  • egg boxes
  • newspapers/magazines, telephone directories, catalogues/brochures (with staples removed)
  • junk mail, leaflets (with staples removed), white/coloured paper, all envelopes (with plastic windows removed where applicable)
  • greetings cards, non-foil gift wrapping paper, clean paper bags
  • cereal boxes, ready meal boxes
  • kitchen/toilet roll tubes, tissue boxes
  • card sleeves from food packaging

No thanks:

  • all types of cartons (Tetra Paks, soup, chopped tomatoes, custard, fabric conditioner)
  • waxed paper coffee/tea cups
  • books

See advice on how to deal with excess paper and cardboard for kerbside collection.

Use the recycling bank locator to find your nearest carton recycling bank.

Recycling glass at the kerbside

Most households (apart from rural/remote properties) can recycle glass bottles and jars at the kerbside, but you should rinse these out beforehand.

Yes please:

Any colour or size of glass bottle or jar, such as those used for:

  • wine, beer, spirits, juice, perfume, vinegar
  • sauce, jam/marmalade, baby food, pickles, condiments

No thanks:

  • window glass
  • drinking glasses and cookware/Pyrex dishes
  • light bulbs, mirror glass

Dispose of these types of glass safely (for example, by wrapping in paper or cloth), and place in your general household waste bin.

See advice on how to deal with excess glass for kerbside collection.

Use the recycling bank locator to find your nearest glass recycling bank.

Recycling which cannot be collected from the kerbside

Some items aren’t suitable for recycling at the kerbside due to the way we deal with recycling in York.

Visit our recycle and reuse A to Z for suggestions on ways to recycle many common waste items.

See information on our household waste recycling centres, including the items you can take to be recycled or disposed of:

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