How we deal with missed waste collections for individual households depends on a number of factors, including the type of waste collection which was missed.

We deal with missed collections for entire streets or for communal bins differently and will publish details of any known service issues or missed streets on our 'Waste collection updates' page.

Check the latest collection updates

Contact us to report missed streets if we haven't already published details about it.

Missed household waste (rubbish) collections

If we haven't collected your household waste, check the following:

  • you placed your bin/bags in the correct place by 7.00am on your collection day
  • your bin wasn't too heavy
  • your bin didn't contain 'chargeable waste', for example: bricks, rubble, plasterboard
  • you put your bin/bags out on the correct day/week
  • whether the Waste Collection team left a sticker explaining there was a problem

If none of the above apply, you must contact us to report your missed bin within 1 working day of your normal collection time.

Note: We can only log your missed collection after 4.00pm on your collection day.

Once we have logged your missed bin, we'll return to empty it as soon as possible.

Missed recycling collections

We cannot return for missed recycling unless this is for an assisted collection.

If we've missed a recycling collection, you can present any extra recycling on your next scheduled collection.

See our guidelines regarding excess and additional recycling.

Missed garden waste collections

We cannot return for missed garden waste unless this is for an assisted collection or a bin paid for under the additional garden waste subscription scheme.

If we've missed a garden waste collection, keep it until your next scheduled collection.

Note: We won't collect any additional garden waste which does not fit into your green bin(s).

Missed streets and communal bins

If we've missed waste collections for a whole street, or for communal bins at a block of flats, this will usually be due to known service issues or known access issues.

When an entire street or a communal bin has been missed, we'll always try to revisit at the next opportunity (usually the following day). Make sure your waste is presented by 7.00am, after the initial missed collection.

If access issues, such as road works or badly parked vehicles, prevent us from being able to carry out a revisit, you may need to wait until your next scheduled collection date. In this case, make sure your waste is not left at the kerbside - take it back in until your next collection date.

Excessive waste build-up

If a missed collection or access issues for a communal bin leads to an excessive build up of waste, contact us to report this.

In the meantime, please use alternative ways of disposing of your waste or recycling until the issue is resolved, if possible.

Household waste recycling centres

Dispose of any excess waste, or waste resulting from a missed collection, at either of our household waste recycling centres (HWRCs):

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