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Waste and recycling

Garden waste collections

Some households in York have fortnightly garden waste collections.

If you're unsure whether your property is eligible for garden waste collections, use our online waste collection calendar to check:

  • the types of waste we collect at your address
  • your collection dates
  • your container types

Waste collection calendar

You should present your garden waste in a green wheelie bin.

In garden waste collection areas we will empty 1 garden waste bin for free, and can collect additional garden waste bins for those who subscribe to our additional garden waste scheme.

In addition to garden waste, we collect household waste from all properties.

We also collect household recycling (other than for some city centre properties, where recycling is collected by St Nicks).

You should put your garden waste out, at the front edge or your property (unless otherwise stated in the online waste calendar) between 7.00pm on the day before collection, and 7.00am on your collection day. Do not put your garden waste out at any other time.

If you live in York, you can also dispose of your garden waste at:

See further information about garden waste collections:

Garden waste collection season

We collect garden waste each year from the middle of March to early December.

Our online waste collection calendar is updated in December; it shows collection information from December to November. If your final garden waste collection takes place in early December this will show after the calendar has been updated.

Check your garden waste collection dates via our online waste collection calendar.

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Items suitable for your garden waste bin

Please ensure that you only place garden and plant waste into your green bin. Some items which are suitable for home composting are not suitable for disposal with your garden waste collection.

We may refuse to empty your bin if it contains items which we do not collect.

Yes please:

  • grass cuttings and hedge clippings
  • leaves and bark
  • garden plants and flowers
  • non-invasive garden weeds
  • twigs and small branches
  • windfall fruit
  • cut flowers, house plants, dried flowers
  • Christmas trees and natural wreaths - chopped up so they fit inside your bin
  • straw bedding from small vegetarian pets, such as rabbits

Please shake as much soil or compost off plant roots before placing them in your green bin.

No thank you:

  • soil, turf, rubble, coal, barbeque charcoal
  • large whole branches - these can be taken to a household waste recycling centre and placed in the wood recycling container
  • invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Ragwort - seek advice on safe disposal from the Environment Agency
  • food or other kitchen waste
  • plastic, paper, cardboard and other packaging, such as compostable plastic and bags
  • pet and animal waste from cats and dogs
  • Christmas decorations
  • nappies

There are several reasons why we may refuse to empty a bin:

  • all garden waste must be placed in the green bin with the lid closed
  • we will not empty your bin if garden waste is in plastic bags, including compostable and biodegradable ones
  • soil and other heavy items in the bin can make it potentially dangerous when moving and lifting the bin onto the vehicle

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Additional garden waste subscription scheme

See details of how to subscribe to our additional garden waste scheme.

There is a charge for each additional bin which is required to be emptied at a property.

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St Nicks garden waste collections

If St Nicks collect your recycling, they also collect your garden waste.

Contact St Nicks directly for details of:

  • what they collect
  • how to present it for collection

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Missed garden waste collections

If your collection has been missed, check our waste collection updates for details of any known service issues.

See details of how we deal with missed garden waste collections.

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New or replacement green bins

See costs for a new or replacement green bin.

Buy a green bin

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Areas with no garden waste collections

Garden waste is a discretionary service, not a mandatory one, meaning that it's a service we're not legally required to provide. Not all areas receive a garden waste collection. Areas with no garden waste collections include:

  • terraced areas
  • narrower streets
  • new properties not already on our rounds
  • areas or streets where it is difficult for our vehicles to gain access

If your household waste is currently collected in bags, we will be unable to provide you with a garden waste service at this time.

If you live with within the city walls and your recycling service is provided by St Nicks please contact them directly, as they are able to collect small amounts of garden waste from city centre properties.

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