Council Tax Support (CTS) is a 'means tested' discount off your council tax bill.

You're likely to qualify for Council Tax Support if you're on welfare benefits or a low income, as how much you get is based on your:

  • household income
  • savings

You won't be eligible if you have savings over £16,000, unless you receive Pension Credit Guarantee Credit.

You could receive a maximum discount of:

See our Council Tax Support Scheme 2019-20 for more information.

Apply for Council Tax Support

Use our online form to find out:

Council Tax Support and coronavirus

The Council Tax Support online application form does not currently allow for changes to your working situation due to coronavirus.

The application form for only asks if you are:

  • working
  • off sick
  • on maternity, paternity or adoption leave

If you are still employed, but are not working due to coronavirus working restrictions, you should:

  • select ‘working’
  • provide as much information as you can about your circumstances in the 'other information' box on the form.

Once the application form is submitted the Claim Sheet shows what evidence is needed to support the application.

This asks for original documents to be provided in person at West Offices or by post.

Do not come to West Offices or post your documents.

Provide copies of the evidence required by email to: You must include the applicant's name, address and claim reference in the email.

If you're not able to provide the information needed by email, explain why in your application and we'll contact you about your claim.

Start or return to claim

Contact our Benefits Team for assistance if you need help making a claim.

Change of circumstances for Council Tax Support

You must report any change in circumstances which may affect the amount of Council Tax Support you receive.

We'll increase or reduce your Council Tax Support with effect from the day you tell us the changes took place, and send you an amended bill confirming our adjustments.

Extra help with Council Tax

Find out if you're eligible to join our Council Tax Discretionary Reduction Scheme.

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