Welfare benefits provide financial support to help people during tough times, and help people on low incomes to meet their specific needs.

There are a range of benefits that people can apply for to help in different circumstances. Some benefits are administered by us (or by other local authorities) and some are administered by central government.

Use an independent benefits calculator to find out:

  • what benefits you could get
  • how to claim
  • how your benefits will be affected if you start work

These are free to use and anonymous.

Benefits calculators (GOV.UK)

Local authority administered benefits

We directly manage a number of benefits, and you'll need to contact our Benefits Team to:

  • make applications for these benefits
  • advise us of changes in circumstances
  • make appeals or complaints

Help with housing costs

We offer advice or deal with applications regarding housing-related benefits:

Although we don't adminter Universal Credit, you can get support with claiming Universal Credit from our Benefits and Contributions Advisors.

Help with council tax

We offer advice or deal with applications regarding council-tax related benefits and discounts:

Help for families

We offer a number of benefits which relate specifically to families and children:

Help in a emergency or crisis

The York Financial Assistance Scheme (YFAS) provides help if you're having financial difficulties.

Through YFAS you can access:

  • Emergency Assistance - to help with a disaster or crisis
  • Community Assistance - to help with a return to/remaining in your community

Central goventment administered benefits

We can't process applications or deal with amendments to all benefits, only those which we adminster.

There are a number of benefits available from central government, and other financial support is available to help with your housing and living costs:

Other benefits and contributions advice

Contact our Benefits and Contributions Advisors to arrange an appointment (or home visit) with a member of our dedicated team, or just to get some benefits advice. We can help whether you query relates to benefits we adminster, or to other financial support.

We ensure you receive the benefits and credits you're entitled to by:

  • providing information and advice on all welfare benefits and tax credits
  • helping you complete forms
  • promoting benefit awareness

Benefits advice from other agencies

To promote the take-up of benefits and other welfare help, we work in partnership with other agencies, such as:

If you're involved in a group and would like us to come to your meeting or host an advice session, please contact our Benefits and Contributions Advisors.

Advice if you have money problems

Our money problems leaflet provides advice on how to get back on track with your finances and information about who can help if you're experiencing financial difficulties.

Our making the most of your money guide gives further information about saving money and making your available funds go further.

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