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Talkabout citizens' panel

We're currently updating Talkabout, our citizens' panel, which is one of the ways you can give us your feedback and views, and influence what happens in York.

Healthy Weight Healthy Lives Strategy

The City of York Council Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives Strategy aims to support individuals in York to lose excess weight and maintain a healthy weight. Achieving a healthy weight increases life expectancy and also has financial benefits by utilising limited resources effectively.

The causes of obesity are complex and maintaining a healthy weight is affected by a range of factors including physical, environmental, social and emotional. This strategy has been developed using locally available evidence on the extent of obesity in York, national guidance and input from a City of York Council Healthy Weight Steering Group.

We welcome your views so that we can consider the needs and opinions of residents to ensure that the recommendations and support services outlined in the strategy are appropriate.

Please read the strategy and take our Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives Survey to give us your thoughts.

Consultation closes at midnight on 18 July 2019

Talk York consultation

We're asking residents, visitors, businesses, students, and anyone with an opinion about York, to tell us what you think makes York special.

We'll use comments from the 'Talk York' consultation to inform how we attract investment and visitors to help rebalance the local economy, in order to enhance the regional, national and international perception of York.

Find out how to provide feedback to 'Talk York'.

Consultation closes at midnight on 9 July 2019

Proposed modifications to the new Local Plan

As part of the new Local Plan examination idependent examiners (appointed by the Government) have asked for a consultation to gather your views on 'proposed modifications' to the documents we've submitted.

We're gathering your feedback and asking whether you think the proposed modifications are legally compliant and ‘sound’. Find out how to provide feedback take part in the Local plan proposed modifications consultation.

Consultation closes at midnight on 22 July 2019

Recent consultations (now closed)

  • York Business Accommodation Survey (Closed 21 April 2019). A consultation seeking York businesses’ views on their premises to support the development of the city’s long-term economic strategy.
  • Castle Gateway (Closed 8 April 2019). We asked for opinions to shape the initial Castle Gateway 'work package', which includes a multi-storey car park at St George’s Field and a residential development in the Castle Mills area
  • Armed Forces Covenant Community Consultation (Closed 1 April 2019). We consulted with the Armed Forces community to gain insight into their needs in order to commission and target local services
  • York Outer Ring Roads improvements (Closed 22 March 2019). We consulted on proposed upgrades to two more York Outer Ring Road roundabouts - at Wigginton Road and Clifton Moor
  • Minster Precinct Neighbourhood Plan (closed 27 February 2019). We asked for comments on the Minster Precinct Neighbourhood Plan consultation

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