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Talkabout citizens' panel

We're currently updating Talkabout, our citizens' panel, which is one of the ways you can give us your feedback and views and influence what happens in York.

2020/21 Budget Consultation

We want to build on the feedback you provided through our council plan consultation earlier this year by asking for your feedback on our 2020/21 Budget priorities.

City of York Council undertakes a public Budget consultation each year to seek residents' opinions on Budget priorities for the city.

We want to hear from you to make sure every penny we spend goes on what you need and value.

We're asking questions on:

  • Council tax
  • Social care precept
  • Council Plan outcomes
  • Investment

Take our 2020/21 Budget Consultation survey to tell us what you think we should be spending more or less on.

Consultation closes at midnight on 31 December 2019

Bishopthorpe Primary School admission arrangements 2021/22

We’re seeking to reduce our Pupil Admission Number for Bishopthorpe Primary School from 60 to 50.

Available data suggests that there is not the demand for 60 places to be admitted in Reception:

  • over the last 3 years we’ve admitted, on average, 50 children per year
  • the local area has seen a falling birth rate which means that for numbers to increase, children would be travelling from out of area
  • there are no plans for future housing development in our surrounding area that would attract young families

Given that we’re bound by legislation to maximum class sizes of 30, reducing the Pupil Admission Number will allow us to make strategic decisions about structures and resources that will allow the school to run in a financially sustainable manner and best meet the needs of our children.

See supporting documents relating to the Bishopthorpe Primary School Admission Arrangements:

Responses should be submitted by email to admissionsconsultation@york.gov.uk.

Consultation closes at midnight on 17 January 2020.

Age Friendly York: Your Destination

We've reopened our consultation about 'Your Destination' to provide an ongoing opportunity for you to express your views on how we can make the internal and external public spaces you currently use, or would like to use, more 'Age Friendly.'

Age Friendly York - Your Destination survey

We welcome your comments if you:

  • live in York and are an older person
  • have an interest in ensuring the best experience for people growing old in York
  • work for an organisation that meets the interest of older people in York
  • are part of a volunteer group that engages with older people
  • are a carer or have a neighbour or relative that is an older person in York

You can also provide general feedback via email: agefriendlyyork@york.gov.uk or Twitter: @AgeFriendlyYork.

For more information visit our Age Friendly York webpage

Consultation closes end November 2020

Recently closed consultations

  • Admission Arrangements 2021/22 (closed 29 November 2019). Our annual admission arrangements consultation to give feedback on draft policies. Previous and current documents can be viewed via our School admission policies and reports page.
  • Living with multiple long term conditions (closed 25 November 2019). We asked residents with multiple long term conditions to share their views and experiences. We'll publish the results in spring 2020 on the York Health and Wellbeing website
  • Doing Business with CYC online (closed 15 November 2019). As part of York Busines Week, we asked for feedback on our website www.york.gov.uk/business to better understand the needs of those doing business with us online
  • Taxi Licensing (closed 10 November 2019). We sought your views on current licensed taxis provision in the city
  • Age Friendly York: Your Destination (closed 13 October 2019). As part of our commitment to achieving 'Age Friendly' status, we asked for feedback from older persons in York on the public areas and green spaces they visit. For more information visit our Age Friendly York webpage

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