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York Open Data was launched in March 2015. It offers residents and businesses free access to a wealth of information about their city, to help to build new products, understanding and solutions to all kinds of challenges such as those around sustainability, transport, energy and community engagement.

The platform has hundreds of datasets which cover a diverse range of topics such as:

  • council and city performance
  • community assets
  • information on individual business sectors in York
  • the 21 ward profiles

The platform is also the place where Local Government Transparency Code related information is published, such as members’ allowances or s106 agreements.

The datasets are presented under different formats such as geospatial ones - that can be previewed on a map, or tablelike ones (ie csv, excel) that allow the viewer to filter and analyse the data. Most of them are shared under the OG license which entitles the users to make use of data freely in whichever way they want to.

There is a York Open Data user guide available to help customers to navigate through the platform and the data it hosts.

Getting involved with York Open Data

York Open Data is a core element to a number of wider projects such as the Digital Creativity Lab’s Episode project or the RC/IUK funded YCEO which aims to establish a unique York environment observatory.

We would like to encourage anybody interested in being involved with York Open Data to get in touch with our Business Intelligence Hub or to visit the York Open Data platform.

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