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Age Friendly York

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We want older residents to help shape where they live by working with local groups, businesses and ourselves to identify and make changes to their physical and social environments.

Age Friendly York will:

  • enable people to live healthy and active lives
  • encourage communities to treat people with respect, regardless of their age

We will ensure decisions are resident focused by:

  • providing the opportunity to feedback at any point, through all aspects covered by Age Friendly York – there is no wrong time to have a view
  • to ensure you have access to what the key findings are from the consultations and how these directly inform the action plan
  • to ensure information is available about what has been achieved so far

York is already part of the UK Network of Age Friendly Communities, facilitated by the Centre for Ageing Better.

The Network includes a range of cities and communities:

  • 40 in the UK
  • 1000 across the world

Making York 'Age friendly'

We're working towards 'Age friendly' status, using World Health Organisation (WHO) 'Age friendly statements' to check how we're currently performing against what we want to achieve.

We're focusing on certain aspects of living in York as an older person, including:

Age Friendly York: Getting out and about

We're looking at getting out and about in York, focusing on 'your journey' and 'your destination'.

Age Friendly York: Your Journey

We're looking at transport around York, and whether it's:

  • reliable, well-maintained and clean
  • accessible, with priority seating, easy to board, not overcrowded
  • staffed with courteous, helpful drivers, who wait for passengers to be seated

Whether transport routes are well set out, with:

  • shelters available at pick up points
  • services which reach all parts of York with good connections
  • good traffic flow on established routes

Whether pedestrians' needs are considered, with:

  • well maintained, well lit footpaths, free of obstructions
  • non-slip pavements, wide enough for wheelchairs, with dropped curbs to road level
  • pavements reserved for pedestrians, separate from cycle paths
  • sufficient pedestrian crossings, safe for different types of disability

Age Friendly York: Your Destination

We're also looking at whether York offers:

  • clean and pleasant public areas and green spaces
  • conveniently located, accessible venues
  • sufficient, well maintained outdoor seating
  • sufficient, well maintained, clean, accessible toilets

Getting out and about: consultations

See the key findings of our past consultations.

If you wish to add to the findings it is never too late to provide your views:

Age Friendly York - Your Journey survey

Age Friendly York - Your Destination survey

You can also provide general feedback via email: or Twitter: @AgeFriendlyYork.

Finding bench locations in York

Many of you tell us you need somewhere to sit down and rest your legs, so the availability of lots of well-maintained benches in useful locations is important.

Check bench locations using YorkView map by selecting 'seats' within the 'street care' section.

We've been in touch with Nottingham City Council to find out about their fantastic 'Take a seat' initiative:

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Age Friendly York: Your time

We'll be looking at how older people can make productive and rewarding use of their time, by looking to ensure older people have better access to:

  • a range of flexible working opportunities
  • self-employment options
  • post-retirement training

We also want to encourage older people who are no longer working to maintain an active role in their communities through:

  • accommodating age-specific needs (including disability and dementia) at community-wide events and activities
  • regular consultations on how to better serve older residents
  • well publicised, affordable events and activities, held at convenient times in local community spaces

We'll also ensure there's:

  • a range of volunteering opportunities
  • opportunities to influence decision-making bodies

Your time: consultations

When answering the survey, please think about your day to day routine rather than the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Age Friendly York - Your Leisure Time Survey

Age Friendly York - Your Time (employment) - survey to be open from April 2020

You can also provide general feedback via email: or Twitter: @AgeFriendlyYork.

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Age Friendly York: Your access to information

We'll be looking at how older people in York can stay up to date with what's happening in their communities and the wider world.

We aim to make it easier to access information by ensuring:

  • the use of simple, familiar words in short, straightforward sentences in printed and spoken media
  • written information uses large lettering and a bold typeface (for example, on official forms, television captions and display screens)
  • people at risk of social isolation get one-to-one information from trusted individuals
  • electronic equipment such as: mobile phones, radios, televisions, bank and ticket machines, have large buttons and clear displays
  • telephone answering services give slow and clear instructions, informing callers how to repeat the message at any time
  • public internet access at no or minimal charge in government offices, community centres and libraries

Your Information: consultation

Age Friendly York - Your Information - Survey to be open from July 2020

You can also provide general feedback via email: or Twitter: @AgeFriendlyYork.

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Age Friendly York: Your home

We'll be looking at older people's home environments, ensuring the provision of age friendly housing, including:

  • sufficient affordable housing in safe areas, close to services and the rest of the community
  • freedom of movement in all interior spaces, with level surfaces and easy access
  • affordable home maintenance and support services
  • home modification options and supplies from providers who understand the needs of older people
  • clean, safe and well maintained public and commercial rental housing

Your Home: consultation

Age Friendly York - Your Home - Survey to be open from October 2020

You can also provide general feedback via email: or Twitter: @AgeFriendlyYork.

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Age Friendly York: Your services

We'll be looking at health and community support services for older people, and considering whether:

  • information about health and social services is clear and accessible
  • an adequate range of services is offered for promoting, maintaining and restoring health
  • health and social care services are conveniently located and accessible by all means of transport
  • residential care facilities and older people’s housing are located close to local services and the rest of the community
  • health and community support staff are respectful, helpful and trained to serve older people
  • health and community service facilities are safely constructed and fully accessible
  • older people who are less well-off have good access to public, voluntary and private services
  • community emergency planning takes into account older peoples' capabilities and vulnerabilities

Your Services: consultation

Age Friendly York - Your Services - Survey to be open from January 2021

You can also provide general feedback via email: or Twitter: @AgeFriendlyYork.

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