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Our Big Conversation

We want to make sure you have a stake in the city’s present and future; we need to:

  • hear voices from all over the city
  • get residents sharing their wide range of views with each other

Over the next 12 months taking part in 'Our Big Conversation' will give you the opportunity to shape our response to the big challenges facing York, such as:

  • our response and recovery after the Coronavirus pandemic
  • the climate emergency
  • how we move around the city
  • defining an exciting future for our city centre and district centres
  • where we live and work, what jobs are available
  • how we make sure York’s economy works for all residents

Holding city-wide conversations

Throughout the year we're holding conversations online and offline, including:

  • regular surveys
  • live online sessions with leaders across the city answer your questions
  • community conversations with local interest groups and networks
  • business round tables discussing sector by sector approach

We're building networks, and inclusive approaches, to make sure all communities have a voice, including the disabled community, children and young people, older people, students, black and minority ethnic people (BAME), and the LGBTQ community.

We'll share what you're telling us, so you know what other people in the city think, and why we make decisions.

Take part in Our Big Conversation

To join Our Big Conversation, you can:

Join one of our upcoming Ask the Leaders Live Q&As about the city’s coronavirus response.

We’re distributing information about Our Big Conversation through all of our community networks, inviting them and their members into the conversation.

Taking the temperature of the city

As part of Our Big Conversation we asked you to complete a survey.

The survey is now open. The results will:

  • allow us to track attitudes towards coronavirus, its impact, and national/local responses
  • help York’s continued recovery from the significant challenges we all face as a result of coronavirus

How we use your feedback

The first part of the consultation has already helped inform the council’s approach to communications during the pandemic/

Although 96% of people surveyed were confident they were sticking to public health rules, 68% lacked the confidence that other people would observe them correctly. This led to a new campaign called “We’ve got it covered”, helping residents to keep each other safe.

84% of people responding understood council guidance. The council has expanded the number of ways we can inform and respond to York residents, including Press Releases, Facebook live sessions and opt-in e-newsletters for residents, businesses and families.

Of more concern, nearly 50% of the city feels less emotionally healthy with 57% less optimistic about the future. The council has worked with partners to develop a campaign that aims to support people with their emotional wellbeing during these difficult times - #FeelRealYork

Feedback helped us to make sure we were prioritising the right support during lockdown, with 80.5% supporting the creation of a £1m financial support scheme for residents, and 87.5% supporting the £3m grant fund for small, local and self-employed businesses.

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