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Planning and building

Community Infrastructure Levy

The council resolved to start the process of introducing the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) in 2022.

Following preparation of the appropriate evidence base, a public consultation on the CIL draft charging schedule was held between February and March 2023.

The CIL consultation is now closed and the responses are being reviewed.

Background to the CIL Consultation

The CIL is a charge that local authorities can set on new developments in their area. This charge makes sure certain types of new development contribute to the infrastructure needed to support growth and benefit the local community.

The CIL will be used in combination with Section 106 agreements (S106), which will continue to be used for site specific infrastructure. Unlike S106 funds which require a direct link between the contributing development and infrastructure project, CIL funds, along with funding from other sources, can be used to support infrastructure across the city of York.

As the CIL charging authority we're required to consult with residents, local communities, businesses and stakeholders on the proposed levy rates. The consultation will be followed by an Examination-in-Public of the Draft Charging Schedule, which will be conducted by an independent examiner prior to the proposed adoption of the CIL Charging Schedule.

Further information about CIL and the Draft Charging Schedule can be found in the CIL Consultation Information Booklet.

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CIL Consultation supporting documents

The proposed CIL rates in the Draft Charging Schedule are based on the conclusions of the CIL Viability Study.

The documents which formed part of the CIL consultation were:

The below document was made available for information only and did not form part of the consultation:

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