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York Green Streets Project

York Green Streets are working to increase the tree canopy cover across York.

In 2022 York’s tree canopy cover was 10.8%, which is below the national average of 16%. The council has set a target to increase York's tree canopy to 13% by 2050.

Trees bring numerous benefits including:

  • absorbing and storing carbon, a key step on the road to zero carbon
  • helping cities adapt to climate change impacts such as rising temperatures
  • enhancing biodiversity and the protection of endangered species
  • delivering health and wellbeing benefits to local people
  • benefiting the economy by making places more attractive to live in and visit

Plans for the 2023 to 2024 planting season

In early 2022 we worked with schools to assess opportunities for new tree planting through the November 2023 to February 2024 planting season.

A number of locations across the city were shown to have scope for new trees, including 10 Schools and 3 Community sites (new sites to be identified for 2024/25 planting season along with the street sites identified in 2023).

Following the assessment we drew up plans for each school and street site, setting out proposed tree planting locations and the number and species of trees involved.

We also identified costs for tree purchase, planting, and maintenance through to successful establishment.

We're offering to work with schools to make these plans a reality. By doing much of the heavy lifting, our aim is to make the process as light-touch as possible for each school.

York Green Streets timeline

We've set the following objectives which will be achieved by working in partnership with schools and communities through the 2023 to 2024 season:

  • May to June 2023 - refine each proposal into an agreed final design plan
  • June 2023 - lead on the development and submission of bids to secure the required funding
  • September to October 2023 - support community consultation
  • October 2023 to January 2024 - where necessary, coordinate the procurement and management of contractors to deliver schemes in time for planting

It's expected that community tree planting and volunteering opportunities will be incorporated so that children, parents and staff can be directly involved.

Funding bids for the planting sites were submitted in 2023.

For further information contact the York Green Streets Team.

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