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Graffiti spoils the local environment. It's criminal damage and can encourage other forms of anti-social behaviour - it can also be costly to remove.

Report a graffiti problem

Use our eForm to report graffiti; see which graffiti problems we can help with, and our graffiti response times.

Report a graffiti problem

Our graffiti responsibilities

We can clear graffiti from properties and street furniture, including:

  • council houses and other council buildings
  • fences, walls or boundaries
  • ancient monuments and some memorials
  • city walls and bar walls
  • some bridges
  • play equipment in council play areas
  • street furniture, such as seats
  • dog bins and litter bins
  • bus stops
  • sign posts
  • bollards
  • private houses and business premises

Our response to graffiti problems

We aim to:

  • remove offensive graffiti within 24 hours
  • remove non-offensive graffiti within 4 working days

Please note that although we're not responsible for utility boxes in York, we'll inform the owner if you report graffiti. We'll also need to contact the property owner where graffiti is reported on private or business premises.

We therefore cannot confirm timeframes for removal of graffiti from utility boxes or from private or business properties.

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Telephone: 01904 551551