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Public Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy

We pioneered public charging for electric vehicles (EV) when we launched a public charging network for EVs in 2013.

Since then the EV market has developed significantly, leading the Government to announce that all new cars and vans will need to be fully electric by 2035, with the sale of new conventional and hybrid petrol and diesel engines ending in 2030, and plug-in hybrids ending in 2035.

The York Public EV Charging Strategy was launched in March 2020, setting out the next phase of the delivery of York's EV charging network up to 2025. Delivery of the Strategy is already underway, enabling the provision of an EV charging network across York.

The York Public EV Charging Strategy sets out why we are providing Fast, Rapid and Ultra Rapid chargers, and why we are providing the new network as an alternative to charging points on terrace streets.

EV Hyperhubs

European Union - European Regional Development Fund - Logo

We're adding new EV Hyperhubs to the York charging network and we're partnering with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in relation to the Hyperhubs project.

Each Hyperhub consists of 4 50kw Rapid Chargers and 4 150kw Ultra Rapid Chargers under a canopy within a dedicated charging hub with access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We're able to bring these next generation charging facilities to York thanks to funding from:

The first 2 Hyperhub sites will be strategically located off the ring road next to Monks Cross Park & Ride and next to Poppleton Bar Park & Ride, providing convenient access for residents, visitors, and through traffic.

All of the Rapid and Ultra Rapid chargers will accept bank card payments, so they can be accessed without signing up to a network membership scheme.


Our Hyperhubs are being installed by EvoEnergy.

EvoEnergy Logo

Established in 2007, EvoEnergy have a wealth of experience having consulted, designed, installed, monitored and maintained projects for hundreds of blue-chip businesses, councils and organisations all over the country.

EvoEnergy are at the forefront of renewable technologies in offering:

  • electric vehicle charging points
  • solar power
  • battery storage
  • smart grid services

EvoEnergy help to enable businesses to control their energy costs, get savings and reduce their carbon footprint.

York charging network upgrades

At the same time as delivering the first Hyperhub sites, we're also rolling out new charging points across York to provide:

  • 350 Fast charging spaces
  • 7 Rapid chargers

We've selected BP Pulse as our delivery partner and will be providing regular updates on roll-out plans.

Find out how to access our current EV charging network on the iTravel website.

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