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Electric Vehicle HyperHubs

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We have invested £2.2 million to develop sites next to Monks Cross and Poppleton Bar Park & Ride sites into high quality, high speed electric vehicle charging hubs. We received grant funding of £1 million from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and £800,000 from Office for Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV) to deliver HyperHubs. We've contributed £400,000.

The project has delivered 8 Ultra-Rapid electric vehicle (EV) chargers and 8 Rapid chargers installed at 2 sites in York, accompanied by solar canopy arrays that have a dedicated battery storage solution in order to support the energy grid during peak hours.

HyperHubs aim to improve electric vehicle charging provision within York with Ultra-Rapid and Rapid chargers that significantly improve the speed of charging in line with the latest EV charging technologies.

The chargers help the region to support the next generation of electric vehicles which have significantly larger battery capacities and support higher charging speeds.

See more information about HyperHubs in York:

HyperHub locations

The first 2 HyperHub sites are strategically located off the ring road next to established Park & Rides sites, providing convenient access from the ring road for residents, visitors, and through traffic:

The HyperHubs are open to anyone; they are located outside of the Park & Ride sites with open public access, like a petrol station. We've developed these first 2 HyperHubs next to Park & Ride sites because the sites are owned by us, which has allowed faster delivery.

The sites are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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HyperHub facilities

Each HyperHub site consists of:

  • the creation of bays of EV chargers to allow residents and other drivers to park up and charge without the requirement of long stay
  • solar photovoltaic (PV) canopies (100kWp) which will generate green electricity and keep users dry
  • battery energy storage (348kW/507kWh), meaning that we'll be able to maintain a lower tariff than commercial operators can offer

Monk's Cross HyperHub

Both of the HyperHub sites contain 4 Ultra-Rapid (175kW) and 4 Rapid (50kW) vehicle chargers, helping to support the uptake of modern EV’s that have larger battery capacities and are capable of Ultra-Rapid charging.

The charge time depends on the car and the amount of charge required (charging slows down above 80%), but as a guide 100 miles of charge takes approximately 30 minutes by Rapid charge and 10 minutes by Ultra-Rapid charge.

You are able to leave your car at a HyperHub for 90 minutes; this is enough time to provide a full charge in any car.

Monk's Cross HyperHub

In addition to the HyperHub facilities, Monks Cross Park & Ride has 30 Fast Charge points for Park and Ride customers to use (please note that Fast Charge points are slower than Rapid or Ultra-Rapid charge points).

The Monks Cross site is located next to Vanguard Shopping Park which has a good range of cafés and shops.

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HyperHub charging costs

York is one of the cheapest places in the UK for Rapid and Ultra-Rapid charging.

After 90 minutes an overstay fee will be applied. We expect most customers to stay for around 30 minutes.

Find out about EV charging tariffs and how to access our current EV charging network on the iTravel website: electric vehicle charging.

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Construction timeline

Construction at both sites has been successfully completed by EvoEnergy.

These 2 sites are the first HyperHubs to be developed in York, but more will follow in the future in order to meet the increasing demand for EV charging hubs. Our network is being significantly upgraded, by the end of 2022 we will have:

  • 15 Rapid chargers
  • 8 Ultra-Rapid chargers
  • 184 Fast Charge points

This is supplemented by commercial providers.

Construction costs

City of York Council contributed £400,000 to the total budget of £2,200,000; OLEV (Central Government) provided £800,000 and ERDF (European funding) provided £1,000,000. 82% of the budget was from OLEV and ERDF.

ERDF and OLEV have supported the HyperHubs project in order to support our efforts to improve EV infrastructure within York. The funds enable the project aims of increasing the uptake of Electric Vehicles and support residents that do not have domestic off-street parking to be able to charge overnight.

This investment is just the beginning of the journey for us, as we revitalise the electric vehicle charging network ready to support the transition to EV.

For more information on the ERDF funding visit the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) website.

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A cleaner greener city

We're a pioneer in the use of innovative green technology. Over recent years, the council has lead the way in providing a range of public charging facilities for electric vehicles to help reduce carbon emissions and improve local air quality thanks to EV’s eliminating nitrogen oxide emissions at the point of use.

York was one of the first cities to introduce a public electric network several years ago which has become really popular. In 2014 there were 1,510 charging sessions, by 2018 that had increased to 13,695.

The new sites come at a time when the nation prepares to transition across to using electric vehicles.

Central government has announced the phase out of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030, with plug-in hybrid sales to end in 2035. It is recognised that public charging needs to be improved to enable this to happen and we're taking a proactive approach. We also recognise the contribution that EV’s will make to achieving improvements in local air quality and reducing climate change emissions.

When we first developed the EV charging network in 2013, there were far fewer plug-in vehicles on the road. However, over the past few years, electric vehicle technology has progressed massively and these vehicles have now become a viable option for many everyday road users.

The 2 HyperHubs support the next generation of plug-in vehicles, delivering high quality, high speed electric vehicle charging hubs for residents and visitors. The project works alongside our Public Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy, which will provide a high quality charging network that meets the needs of residents, fleets, and through-traffic.

The Public Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy sets out how we will provide Fast, Rapid and Ultra-Rapid facilities in York as all of these are necessary. We see HyperHubs as a very important part of this comprehensive network and believe that they have a crucial role in enabling motorists to switch to EV.

The development of this system will encourage private car owners, taxi drivers and business users to make use of the new facilities, therefore, improving the city’s overall carbon emissions.

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