City Walls one way system

The City Walls are open, with a temporary one-way system in place to enable social distancing and keep people safe.

The one-way system runs clockwise around the city and there are signs and floor markings to help people access the walls safely.

York's city centre is surrounded by historic walls, which are accessible on foot throughout the year.

The Friends of York Walls provide the online guide York's City Walls Trail.

The City Walls are accessed by steps and have some unguarded edges. They are inaccessible to wheelchair users, everybody must take care when walking the walls and children must be closely supervised. Pushchairs, prams and dogs are not allowed on the City Walls, except for assistance dogs.

Map of the City Walls

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Opening times for the City Walls

The City Wall access gates are opened daily at 8.00am.

If any part of the City Walls is not open at the usual times, we'll make announcements through social media:

Or you can check in person on the day of your visit at Visit York, 1 Museum Street, York, YO1 7DT.

Closing times for the City Walls

The City Wall access gates are closed at dusk.

Gates are closed in an anti-clockwise direction, starting from Fishergate Bar. The process of locking the gates takes about 1 hour to complete, starting at the following times throughout the year:

  • January: 3.30pm
  • February: 4.30pm
  • March: (up to the clocks changing): 5.30pm
  • March: (after clocks have changed) and April: 7.30pm
  • May: 8.00pm
  • June and July: 9.00pm
  • August: 8.00pm
  • September (start to mid): 7.00pm
  • September (mid to end): 6.00pm
  • October (up to the clocks changing): 5.00pm
  • October (after clocks have changed): 3.30pm
  • November and December: 3.30pm

The walls are closed:

  • on 25 December
  • in icy or slippery conditions

In cold weather the walls are inspected at 7.00am each day. If the walls are not safe when inspected they will remain closed all day.

Filming and events on the City Walls

If you'd like to film on the City Walls, or arrange an event, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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