Footstreet hours extended for festive season

The footstreet hours are being extended over the festive season, from 14 November to 22 December, to make the city centre the safest it’s ever been.

The revised times are 10.00am to 8.00pm Thursday to Saturday, and 10.00am to 6.00pm Sunday to Wednesday.

There will also be a 3.5 tonne vehicle weight restriction on all vehicles turning from Low Ousegate into Spurriergate.

Whilst these security measures may cause some short term disruption, they are put in place to ensure York is a safe place to visit.

York has one of the largest pedestrian zones in Europe.

Many areas within York city centre are designated as pedestrian footstreets, with restrictions to vehicle access between certain times of the day, or 24 hours a day in some areas.

Pedestrian footstreets create a safer and more attractive city centre and reduce inner city pollution.

Footstreet area map

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Pedestrian zone

The footstreet area includes the following streets:

  • Blake Street
  • Castlegate
  • Church Street
  • Colliergate
  • Coney Street
  • Davygate
  • Feasegate
  • Fossgate (pedestrian and cycle street)
  • Goodramgate (between the junctions with Deangate and Low Petergate)
  • High Petergate
  • Lendal
  • Little Stonegate
  • Low Petergate
  • Market Street
  • Ousegate
  • Parliament Street
  • Swinegate

The pedestrian zone footstreet hours are effective from 10.30am to 5.00pm, 7 days a week.

Deangate and Minster Yard

  • Deangate and Minster Yard are closed to motor vehicles at all times, but cycling is permitted
  • cyclists must proceed slowly and in a considerate manner as the space is shared with pedestrians

Fossgate pedestrian and cycle street

  • motor vehicles are allowed into the street to access premises between 8.00am and 6.00pm, 7 days a week
  • cyclists and drivers must proceed slowly and in a considerate manner as the space is shared with pedestrians


  • Stonegate is closed to traffic at all times
  • loading is allowed between 5.00am and 10.30am
  • unlike other footstreets, there is no vehicle access to Stonegate after 5.00pm


  • Shambles is closed to traffic at all times
  • loading is allowed before 10.30am and after 5.00pm

Both Stonegate and Shambles are protected by bollards when vehicles are not allowed - vehicles cannot gain access without authorisation or prior arrangement.

Vehicle access

Motor vehicles are not allowed within the pedestrian zone during footstreet hours.

Cycling is not permitted, except on Fossgate and Minster Yard.

Access for emergency vehicles is not restricted.

City centre disabled access

Our city centre access for vehicles restrictions improve the safety and security of businesses, residents and visitors.

You can still access the city centre by car if you have a Blue Badge parking permit.

See the city centre disabled access page for information on getting around the city centre.

Parking for people with disabilities

People with a blue badge parking permit may park on:

  • Blake Street
  • Lendal
  • Goodramgate
  • Colliergate
  • Castlegate

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