City centre access

We've approved recommendations to restrict access to St Sampson’s Square, introducing permanent rising bollards to protect the footstreets area.

See further details about changes to city centre access for vehicles, and the extra measures we've introduced to reduce the impact on people with mobility issues.

We've put a number of measures in place in York city centre to improve access for disabled residents and visitors to:

  • parking
  • pedestrian areas
  • shops and tourist attractions
  • public toilets

Blue Badge parking in York

Blue Badge holders can park free of charge in council car parks and our on-street 'pay and display' bays.

See further information about Blue Badge parking in York.


You can hire mobility scooters through the Shopmobility scheme at Piccadilly car park (adjacent to the Coppergate Centre shopping area).

Customer lifts are also available.

City centre access for vehicles

We’ve reviewed our city centre access for vehicles and introduced new temporary vehicle restrictions to improve the safety and security of businesses, residents and visitors.

We still allow Blue Badge holders to drive in to the city centre to drop off passengers for easier access.


City centre footstreets are accessible at certain times of the day by cars, bicycles and other vehicles - please take care using these streets when they are open to traffic.

Accessibility guides

The AccessAble website provides detailed disabled accessibility guides to over 1,000 buildings and services in York, including:

  • hotels
  • cinemas
  • restaurants
  • offices
  • pubs

Specialist toilets in York

See the Changing Places website for a map and list of specialist toilet facilities in York, or refer to our public toilets directory.

RADAR keys for disabled toilets

You'll need a RADAR key to use disabled access toilets, unless they're attended.

You can use RADAR keys for more than 9,000 accessible toilets across the UK, not just in York.

Get a RADAR key

RADAR keys are available for £3.00 from the Visit York tourist information centre.

For further information about RADAR keys, contact Disability Rights UK.

Please note: All public disabled facilities are locked between 8.00pm and 8.00am and will not be accessible between these times, even with a RADAR key.

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