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Streets, roads and pavements

City centre disabled access

We've put a number of measures in place in York city centre to improve access for residents and visitors with disabilities.

Parking icon - car silhouette in a curved frame

Most council-run car parks have designated disabled parking bays, situated for easy access; Blue Badge holders can park in any of our car parks, free of charge (within opening hours), in either a disabled or standard bay.

Map of our car parks
Toilet icon - toilet silhouette in a curved frame

You'll need a RADAR key to use 'disabled access toilets' during opening hours, unless an attendant is present. Facilities are unavailable between 8.00pm and 8.00am, even with a key.

Map of our public toilets

Map of city centre facilities

We've provided a map with the following helpful information included:

large map of facilities (opens in new window)

Download a city centre disabled access map.

Customer using a mobile device to see a map

Zoom in (+) or zoom out; (-) or move/drag the map to reveal information; you can also:

  • click a 'feature' to get further information
  • click >> or << to reveal or hide the map legend