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Parking and travel

Blue Badge parking in York

People with permanent and substantial walking difficulties can apply for a Blue Badge so that they can park closer to shops, restaurants and other places they want to visit in the city centre.

When parking with your Blue Badge:

  • your badge must be clearly on display
  • the badge holder must be in attendance
  • users must abide by the local parking restrictions and signage

Blue Badge parking locations in York

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As well as being indicated by colour, you can see further information about each parking area if you select it by clicking or tapping on any highlighted area on the Blue Badge parking location map.

City centre car parks

Most council-run car parks, shown in red on the map, have designated disabled bays, situated for easy access.

Blue Badge holders can park in any of our car parks free of charge (within opening hours), in either a disabled or standard bay.

See our car parks directory for more information.

Designated disabled bays

There are dedicated disabled bays, shown in orange on the map.

There is no time limit on the bays located next to Castle car park. Parking is restricted to up to 3 hours in the bays located adjacent to York Explore Library.

On-street pay and display bays

Blue Badge holders can park in on-street 'pay and display' bays, shown as blue lines on the map, free of charge.

Some have waiting restrictions (single yellow lines), restricting parking between certain hours of the day.

Blue Badge holders can use these bays for a maximum of 3 hours when yellow lines are enforceable (usually between 8.00am and 6.00pm); there is no time limit during normal 'pay and display' hours (usually between 6.00pm and 8.00am).

Relevant signage will be in place alongside every 'pay and display' bay.

You must also display a time clock if you are parking during restricted hours.


Vehicle access is restricted within the pedestrian footstreet zone from 10.30am until 5.00pm, 7 days a week.

During these hours, Blue Badge holders are still able to park on the following footstreets:

  • Blake Street
  • Lendal
  • Goodramgate
  • Colliergate
  • Castlegate

These streets are dark green on the map, other footstreets are light green; Blue Badge holders are allowed to park in these streets for a maximum of 3 hours.

You must also display a time clock when parking in footstreets.

Residents' parking bays

Blue Badge holders can park free of charge with no time limit in any of our residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) bays.

These are areas where you would normally require a permit to park your vehicle.

Our ResPark areas will be denoted by signs stating ‘Residents parking only’ followed by a zone number (usually the letter R followed by a number). Newer ResPark areas only have signs at entrances to the zone so please ensure you're parking in a correct area.

Your Blue Badge may not be valid in other restricted parking areas where a permit may be required, these could include:

  • private land
  • private permit scheme areas
  • bays for use by designated officials

We may not be able to cancel any penalty charge notice you receive for parking in an incorrect location.

Single or double yellow lines

If necessary, and if no other suitable parking place is available, Blue Badge holders can park on single or double yellow lines for a maximum of 3 hours.

If a loading ban is also in place, parking is not permitted, even for Blue Badge holders. Information on loading bans is available in the handbook we provide with your Blue Badge and relevant signage will be in place where a loading ban is enforced.

Note: When parking on yellow lines, there must be a period of at least one hour before you can park in the area again once you have returned to your vehicle.

You must also display a time clock.

Alternatives to disabled parking in York

Rather than driving into York and parking in the city centre, you could use public or community transport instead.

Park & Ride (stops shown as a square with bus in)

There are multiple Park & Ride stops close to the city centre and all Park & Ride buses are low-floored and wheelchair accessible.

We would encourage Blue Badge holders to make use of Park & Ride sites where possible. Concessionary fares can be obtained by presenting your disabled person's bus pass.

Community transport

Flexible door-to-door transport services are available for Blue Badge holders who cannot access public transport, ensuring access to facilities and amenities in the wider city.

For more information about community transport, visit:

Anyone with limited mobility, whether temporary or permanent, can hire a powered scooter or an electric or manual wheelchair through Shopmobility.

Shopmobilty is located on Level 2 of Piccadilly car park - users of the scheme do not need a Blue Badge and can park for free for up to 5 hours.

Also see