Planning and building

Scheduled monuments and listed buildings

The term ‘monument’ can refer to a range of archaeological sites from prehistoric standing stones and burial grounds to castles and monasteries.

When nationally important sites are given legal protection, they're known as being ‘scheduled’ and are put on a list (or schedule) similar to listed buildings.

York's scheduled monuments and listed buildings

Locate the 22 scheduled monuments in York (including the City Walls) on the map below or via Heritage Gateway.

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There are over 1,500 listed buildings in York - structures which have been identified as architecturally and/or historically important.

Scheduled monument consent

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), in consultation with Historic England, handles applications for Scheduled Monument Consent.

You'll require consent for any work that disturbs ground near or on a scheduled monument, or results in:

  • the demolition of, destruction of or damage to a scheduled monument
  • removing, repairing, altering or adding to a scheduled monument
  • flooding or tipping on land, on or under which there is a scheduled monument

You may also need planning permission before carrying out any work. Contact Historic England's Regional Office for further information.

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