Housing benefit

If you pay rent you may be able to claim housing benefit to help with your rent bill.

Housing benefit is paid, depending on who your landlord is:

  • if you are a council tenant, housing benefit is paid direct into your rent account
  • if you are a private tenant or a housing association tenant, housing benefit is paid by 'BACS direct credit', direct to you or your landlord

How housing benefit is calculated and paid

You can see how we calculate the amount of housing benefit you can have. You can also use our benefit calculator and claim form and find out how we'll pay you.

If you claim housing benefit we'll also work out any council tax support you can claim to help with your council tax bill.

More information about housing benefit

In 2013 Housing Benefit changed, the changes related to:

  • under occupancy of social housing and the ‘bedroom tax
  • Local Housing Allowance (LHA) being used to work out most new claims for housing benefit for tenants renting from a private landlord

If you need advice about these changes and they may affect you, contact the Benefits section, who can also provide advice for landlords about housing benefits.

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