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Waste and recycling

Additional garden waste subscription scheme

Temporary suspension of garden waste collection service

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, and to protect staffing levels for waste services, we are not currently collecting garden waste.

You can subscribe to have additional garden waste bins emptied.

We calculate the cost per extra bin:

  • 1 bin: emptied free
  • 2 bins: the first bin is free, the second bin is £39.00 per year
  • 3 bins: the first bin is free, the 2 additional bins are £39.00 each per year (£78.00 total) and so on

Subscribe to our additional garden bin scheme

Subscribe via Bins Online

If you need an additional green bin, choose the 'buy a garden waste membership (sticker and bin(s))' option. The bin is included in the £39.00 per year charge.

Subscriptions run annually from the first day of the month following the date we receive your payment: so, for a payment made on 12 April, your subscription start date would be 1 May.

Please allow 10 working days for us to process your subscription.

Renew your additional garden bin subscription

We'll send you an invoice 1 month before your subscription is due to expire, if you've already subscribed to our scheme.

You can renew your subscription:

  • online
  • via our automated telephone service (we'll include this phone number on your invoice)

You'll need to quote the reference number on your invoice.

Contact us if you haven't received a renewal invoice at least 1 month before your subscription expires.

Cancel your additional garden bin subscription

Email us your details informing us you wish to cancel your subscription.

When we've received your notification to cancel, we won't:

  • send you any further invoices
  • empty your extra green bin(s)

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Telephone: 01904 551551