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House in multiple occupancy visitor parking

Applying for HMO visitor parking permits using a paper authorisation card

Until it expires, you can still use your paper authorisation card (issued before September 2021) to buy visitor permits to use in residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) zones.

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It is no longer possible to purchase new authorisation cards; if yours has expired, or if you never had one, you can apply for HMO visitor parking permits using a digital HMO authorisation permit.

Eligibility for authorisation cards

To qualify for an authorisation card:

  • your HMO residency must be located within a ResPark zone
  • your HMO residency must not be located within a special control parking zone
  • you must be residing in the property
  • you must pay council tax directly to the council (unless you are exempt from doing so)

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Using visitor parking permits

Visitor permits issued to paper authorisation card holders are single use paper 'scratch cards'.

Each visitor permit is valid for 1 day, and lasts from the time it's placed in a vehicle until 10.00am the next day.

Visitor permits must be displayed in the windscreen of visitors' vehicles at all times whilst they're parked in the ResPark zone (see a map of ResPark zones).

The permit can't be used in conjunction with any business activities relating to the registered address and can only be used by the permit holder, or a friend or family member visiting the property where the permit is registered

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Visitor parking costs

If you still hold a valid paper authorisation card you can purchase visitor parking permits as and when required; apply for visitor parking permits online, and they will then be posted to you.

See details of the cost of visitor parking permits.

HMO visitor permits are discounted, if you're:

  • over 60 years old
  • a blue disabled badge holder
  • on the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance
  • in receipt of Income Support
  • in receipt of long-term Incapacity Benefit

Discounts are also available if you're claiming a level of Universal Credit that meets any of the following criteria:

  • if you're not working, you (and your partner's) total income is no more than your maximum Universal Credit award entitlement
  • your award includes a child amount and, if you (or your partner) work, your monthly earnings are no more than £935.00
  • you (or your partner) have limited capability for work and, if you (or your partner) work, your monthly earnings are no more than £935.00
  • the award doesn't include a child amount, you (or your partner) don't have a limited capability for work and, if you (or your partner) work, your monthly earnings are no more than £435.00

It is your responsibility to:

  • provide evidence that you're entitled to a discount, when you apply for visitor parking permits
  • tell us if your circumstances change

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Apply for visitor parking permits

If you still hold a valid paper authorisation card you can use this form to buy up to 12 books in a single transaction.

We use your authorisation card number to check how many visitor permits you've been issued.

Purchase visitor parking permits

Allow sufficient time for permits to be processed and delivered by first class post; we suggest you allow 5 working days ahead of when permits are needed.

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Renew your authorisation card

No new paper authorisation cards are being issued.

We'll contact you 6 weeks before your authorisation card expires to remind you about the move to digital permits and use of our Permit Portal. Once registered, you'll be able to purchase your digital 'proof of residency permit' from the day after your paper authorisation card expires.

If you're renewing a discounted authorisation card you will be expected to provide recent evidence of your eligibility to receive the associated discount.

If your permit is not discounted you will not have to provide any further evidence, but you will be required to make a declaration confirming your details remain the same.

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Visitor parking permit cancellation

Once issued, visitor parking permits cannot be cancelled and the fee is non-refundable.

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