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Parking and permits

House in multiple occupancy parking permits

You can apply for a house in multiple occupancy (HMO) parking permit if you live in an HMO property within a residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) zone and the permit is for your car.

According to section 258 of the Housing Act 2004, an HMO is any property which is occupied by 3 unrelated people, made up of 2 or more households.

Occupants of a house are part of the same household if they are all members of the same family. That includes:

  • people living together as a cohabiting couple
  • others related to these people such as:
    • parent
    • grandparent
    • child
    • grandchild
    • brother or sister
    • uncle or aunt
    • nephew or niece
    • cousin

A half-blood relationship is treated the same as full blood and a stepchild is treated the same as a child.

3 unrelated friends sharing together are considered to be 3 households; a couple sharing with a third unrelated person would constitute 2 households; a family renting a property is a single household.

Please note: a child counts as a person from birth for defining numbers in a HMO.

If you live in a property where all residents appear on the same Tenancy Agreement and are jointly responsible for the whole property, you will need to apply for a household parking permit.

If, when you apply for an HMO parking permit, you do not see the HMO parking permit on the list of available permits at your address, and you believe you are in a registered HMO, please email: We will look into this for you and update your details in the Permit Portal if appropriate.

Visitors to the household will need to use HMO visitor parking permits. In order to purchase visitor permits you will need either a valid HMO permit or an HMO authorisation permit.

This is a digital permit and can only be issued with a valid email address. No physical permit will be issued.

The permit is vehicle specific.

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