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Household and additional vehicle parking permits

You can apply for a household parking permit if you live in a house or flat within a residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) zone.

Up to 3 additional household parking permits (2, if you have off-street parking), can also be issued to specific vehicles registered to your address.

Please note:

Apply for a household parking permit

Parking permits must be paid for online before you complete the relevant application form; check how much you need to pay for your permit and what evidence is required.

Pay for your parking permit online

Once you've completed your payment, you’ll be given a receipt number (starting ‘ZZ’) which you must include on your application form to allow your application to proceed.

We'll only be able to process your application once we've received your form; if you don't send it to us, we can't issue your permit.

Please note that we cannot currently issue parking permits in person at West Offices, due to restrictions over access to our Customer Centre during the coronavirus pandemic.

Email your completed application form, together with any required evidence, to or post to:

City of York Council
Parking Services
West Offices
Station Rise

Using your household parking permit

Map of all ResPark zones

You can zoom in on the map to view the locations of residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) zones in York.

Click on individual zones to see more details.

Use the map search bar to search by postcode or street name to see if your property falls within a ResPark zone.

Cost of household parking permits

You can have a permit for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. The cost of your permit depends on how long you want the permit for.

There are also 3 different rates available depending on the level of emissions that your vehicle produces and the size of your vehicle.

Discounted rate

You may be eligible for a discount dependent on your vehicle type:

You can find vehicle tax information on a new or used car online from the Vehicle Certification Agency.

Standard rate

You'll be charged the standard rate if the emissions are 121g to 185g/Km2 (vehicle tax bands D to I).

Premium rate

You'll be charged the premium rate for your household permit if the emissions are over 185g/Km2 (vehicle tax bands J to M) or your vehicle is longer than 5m.

The discounted or premium rates only apply to the initial permit at an address, and don't apply to additional permits. Rates for additional permits are fixed, and determined by the number of additional permits required.

See details of household parking permit costs.

Household parking permit evidence

The first Household permit isn't vehicle specific, unless it includes a discount on basis of low emissions or car size, however a vehicle registration number is printed on each 'additional' parking permit. You will need to provide proof of address with your application.

Proof of vehicle details

Any additional household permits, or discounted permits, are vehicle specific so we'll need to see a copy of your vehicle registration document (V5 document), to confirm the vehicle details.

If you're not the registered keeper of the vehicle, we'll need to see the V5 document as well as a covering letter from the owner confirming that you have permission to use the vehicle. Examples where this may be the case include:

  • lease cars
  • company cars
  • cars owner by other family members

You can send scanned copies of the V5 document and cover letter (if required) by email, but photographs of documents are not acceptable.

Please note that if you don’t own the vehicle, if a parking fine is issued and not paid, any notification letters will be sent to the registered keeper and not your address.

Temporary household parking permits

When you move into a new property, you may not have the relevant proof of address to apply for a residents' parking permit.

You can get a temporary parking permit in order to park in the residents' parking zone for a period up to 3 months, for up to 4 vehicles per household (3 if you have off-street parking).

You can also apply for 6 books of visitor parking permits per property whilst your temporary permit is valid. Once the allocation of 6 books has been issued, we're unable to issue any more visitor permits until a residents' permit is issued.

Once you've obtained the necessary proof of address, you'll need to send it to the Parking Office to confirm that you reside at the property.

Once the documents have been received, a resident permit will be issued to you so that you can continue to park in your residents' parking area.

You're still able to benefit from the savings achieved by paying for a 6, 9 or 12 month permit. However, if you pay for more than 3 months your temporary permit will still only be valid for the initial 3 month period. On receipt of your proof of address, we'll then issue a valid permit up until the date which was covered by your initial payment.

To apply for temporary permits, complete a household parking permit application form and an additional household parking permit application form, if necessary.

Changes to your vehicle details

If your permit is vehicle-specific, then any change to your vehicle details will require a replacement permit.

Your permit will be vehicle specific if:

  • it's an additional permit at an address
  • you are receiving a short car or low emission discount

You'll need to return your permit before a replacement can be issued.

Include a letter explaining why you're returning your permit and provide the new vehicle details. Please also include supporting documents relating to the new vehicle:

  • vehicle registration document
  • a covering letter to substantiate your usage of the vehicle (If the vehicle you drive is a lease/company vehicle)

The replacement will be issued with the same expiry date as the previous permit. Please allow 10 working days for your new permit to be received.

Once you've paid for and returned your old permit, you can park until the replacement permit arrives, but you must display a note on your dashboard stating:

  • your old permit number
  • the date you applied for a replacement
  • the payment reference number for the replacement application

If you don't display these details you may be issued with a penalty charge notice.

There may be a change to the applicable charge, if either the old or new vehicle is eligible for a discount. If this is the case, you may need to make a top-up payment or you may be due a partial refund of the amount paid for your original permit, dependent on the nature of the change.

Cancelling your household parking permit

You can contact us to cancel your permit at any time, and you'll be issued with a pro-rata refund for any time remaining on the permit.

Visitor parking permits

Whether you have a vehicle or not, visitor parking permits can be used to allow vehicles not registered to your address to park within your residential parking zone.

This means that when people visit you, they'll be able to park close to your address without having to worry about the ResPark restrictions.

Disabled parking permits

If you're disabled or require assistance, there are several disabled parking permit options available, including:

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