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Property parking permits

Property parking permits allow you to park a vehicle in a residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) zone if you're carrying out building or renovation work at a property within that zone.

Property parking permits can be issued to property owners, or to tradespeople carrying out work on behalf of the owner.

Daily property permits (commonly known as 'builders' permits') can be issued for more short term works at a property within a ResPark zone.

Apply for a property parking permit

Parking permits must be paid for before you complete the relevant application form; check how much you need to pay for your permit.

Pay for your parking permit online

You’ll be given a receipt number (starting ‘ZZ’) which you must include on your property parking permit application form, to avoid a delay in receiving your permit.

Email your completed application form, together with any required evidence, to or post to:

City of York Council
Parking Services
West Offices
Station Rise

Please note that we cannot currently issue parking permits in person at West Offices, due to restrictions over access to our Customer Centre during the coronavirus pandemic.

Using your property parking permit

A property parking permit is:

  • only valid for one specified resident zone
  • limited to one per property
  • valid for a maximum of 3 months
  • not renewable after the 3 month period has expired
  • only one daily permit is valid at a property at any one time

Map of all ResPark zones

View larger map

You can zoom in on the map to view the locations of residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) zones in York.

Click on individual zones to see more details.

Use the map search bar to search by postcode or street name to see if your property falls within a ResPark zone.

Cost of property parking permits

The cost of your permit depends on how long you want the permit for (3 months or 1 day).

There are also 2 different rates available depending on the level of emissions that your vehicle produces and the size of your vehicle.

Discounted rate

You may be eligible for a discount dependent on your vehicle type:

You can find vehicle tax information on a new or used car online from the Vehicle Certification Agency.

Standard rate

You'll be charged the standard rate for any vehicles which do not qualify for the discounted rate.

See details of property parking permit costs.

Changes to your vehicle details

If you're receiving a short car or low emission discount then your permit will be vehicle-specific.

This means that any change to your vehicle details will require a replacement permit, regardless of whether the new vehicle is also eligible for a discount.

You'll need to:

  • return your permit before a replacement can be issued
  • include a letter explaining why you're returning your permit
  • provide the new vehicle details
  • include the vehicle registration document relating to the new vehicle (if the new vehicle is eligible for a discount)
  • make a top-up payment for the remaining period of cover (if the new vehicle is not eligible for a discount)
  • include a covering letter from the lease company or your employer confirming that you're allowed to use the vehicle (if the new vehicle is a lease/company vehicle)

The replacement will be issued with the same expiry date as the previous permit. Please allow 10 working days for receipt.

Until you receive your replacement permit, you'll be unable to park your new vehicle within the ResPark zone.

Cancelling your property parking permit

You can cancel a 3-month property permit at any time, and you'll be issued with a pro-rata refund for any time remaining on the permit.

Any unused daily permits can be returned for a refund.

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