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Parking and permits

Residents' priority parking scheme

Our residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) restricts parking within designated areas, known as 'ResPark zones', to those who are eligible to apply for a permit.

The scheme gives priority parking within a particular zone to:

  • residents
  • residents' visitors
  • property owners
  • local businesses

How the ResPark scheme works

On-street signage informs drivers that parking is restricted to permit holders.

If your home is in a ResPark zone, you may be entitled to residents' permits, and an authorisation card which will allow you to purchase visitor parking permits. You're also able to apply for a permit on the basis of a business need, or commercial interest in a property within a ResPark zone.

The ResPark scheme does not guarantee you a space, but gives you priority over other vehicles who do not qualify to park within a ResPark zone.

Most ResPark permits are only valid within 1 designated zone; usually within the zone of the applicant's home address or business.

A separate permit is required for each vehicle that you wish to park within a ResPark zone (except motorbikes and bicycles).

Vehicles without a permit are only able to park or wait in a zone for the advised permitted waiting time - usually 10 minutes.

Abuse of the ResPark scheme

You can complain to ResPark if a vehicle is parked within a ResPark zone without a valid permit or you think a permit is being used incorrectly.

Other parking schemes in York

If you aren't eligible to apply for a ResPark permit you may benefit from discounted parking in some council car parks and on-street bays, see details of:

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Parking Services

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