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Pay for parking using your phone

In our car parks and on-street parking bays you can pay for parking using a variety of options:

  • RingGo pay by phone service
  • pay and display, using cash
  • pay and display, using card
  • pay on foot, on return to vehicle

Please note that not all of these options are available at all car parking locations.

See our car parks directory to get details of each car park location, related parking costs and available payment methods.

RingGo pay by phone service

The RingGo pay by phone service lets you pay for parking using your credit or debit card details via your phone or another electronic device, rather than using cash or a card at a machine.

RingGo is available via:

Advantages of RingGo pay by phone

By using RingGo to pay for parking you:

  • no longer need to carry change
  • don’t have to use a parking machine
  • don’t need to put a parking ticket in your car (Civil Enforcement Officers can check which vehicles are parked with RingGo via their handheld units)
  • can pay for long or short stay parking
  • can extend your parking time
  • can buy multiple days of parking
  • can register multiple cars on your account

If you pay using RingGo, you will also save money on the standard hourly rate when parking compared to the cost at the pay and display machine.

If you choose to receive text message alerts in connection with the service, you may face higher costs:

  • optional text messages to confirm your parking session are charged at 30p per message
  • optional text messages to alert you when your parking is running out are charged at 30p per message
  • a 20p service charge is applied to charges over £5.00

Weekly car park season tickets

You can purchase a weekly car park permit for a further discounted price of £65.50 (+75p service charge).

For more information about discounted rates, contact RingGo on telephone: 01904 360002. Calls to RingGo are charged at your standard network 'local' rate.

Register with RingGo

There is no charge to set up a RingGo account. You will only be charged when you pay to park.

Pre-register with RingGo using the RingGo smartphone app or register for a RingGo account on their website.

When you first set up your account you will be asked to provide:

  • the number plate, colour and make of your vehicle
  • your payment card details

Alternatively, you can register when you park using the RingGo smartphone app or by calling RingGo on telephone: 01904 360002. Calls to RingGo are charged at your standard network 'local' rate.

Learn more about how RingGo cashless parking works on their website.

Park with RingGo

Once you've registered, RingGo recognises your mobile phone number and uses the information you've previously submitted, so when you pay to park you'll only need to:

  • confirm the vehicle you want to park
  • confirm the location code where you are parked
  • choose the length of time you want to park
  • provide your payment card 3 digit security code

Location codes are shown on signs in car parks and bays where the service is available, or see the RingGo parking locator on their website.

See details of RingGo parking locations:

York residents Minster Badge holders can get a discount using an alternate location code at some car parks. Please note that York residents Minster Badge discounts are not available for on-street parking.

If you use a discount code but a Minster Badge is not displayed in your vehicle, you may be issued with a penalty charge notice.

RingGo Text To Park

Visit the RingGo website for details on how to set up their Text To Park service.

Text To Park messages are charged at your standard network rate.

RingGo parking locations

You can use RingGo to pay to park in car parks and on-street parking locations in York.

RingGo car park locations and codes

Car park location RingGo location code Minster Badge code
Bishopthorpe Road car park 27706 Discount not available in this car park
Bootham Row car park 27700 77001
Castle car park 27701 77011
East Parade car park 27707 Discount not available in this car park
Esplanade car park 27703 77031
Foss Bank car park 27704 Discount not available in this car park
Monk Bar car park 27708 77081
Nunnery Lane car park 27709 77091
Rowntree Park car park 27705 77051
St George's Field car park 27712 77121
St George's Field coach park 27751 Discount not available in coach park
Union Terrace car park 27714 77141
Union Terrace coach park 27750 Discount not available in coach park

View a map of all car and coach parks.

See individual car parks for details of costs and savings if you pay with RingGo at these locations.

RingGo on-street parking locations and codes

Please note that York residents Minster Badge discounts are not available for on-street parking.

Parking location RingGo location code
Bishophill Senior 27732
Carmelite Street 27720
Clifton 27733
Cromwell Road 27734
Cumberland Street 27735
Foss Islands Road 27730
Fossgate (evening only) 27753
Garden Street 27736
Huntington Road 27737
Lawrence Street (1 hour maximum stay) 27738
Lawrence Street (2 hour maximum stay) 27721
Lead Mill Lane 27739
Lord Mayor's Walk 27722
Lower Friargate  27740
Lower Priory Street 27741
Lowther Street 27742
Margaret Street 27743
Marygate 27744
Micklegate 27728
North Street 27723
Park Grove 27745
Penley's Grove Street 27746
Piccadilly 27724
Priory Street 27727
Queen Annes Road 27747
Skeldergate, Terry Avenue 27725
St Denys Road (evening only) 27754
Tanners Moat 27726
The Crescent 27748
The Mount 27749
The Stonebow (evening only) 27755
Toft Green 27715
Townend Street 27757
Union Terrace Street 27758
Walmgate (1 hour maximum stay) 27752
Walmgate (2 hour maximum stay) 27729
Walmgate (evening only) 27756

Please pay for your parking on arrival, as we cannot guarantee a parking space will be available if you've paid in advance.

Extend your parking session

You can remotely top up your parking multiple times by contacting RingGo. You can top up in one of the following ways:

View further information about extending your parking session on the RingGo website.

RingGo Corporate

The RingGo Corporate service allows businesses to set up a prepaid account so that nominated employees can pay for parking when on business. This means:

  • there’s no need to know company credit card details or claim money back
  • employees are alerted when their parking session is due to run out, reducing the risk of a penalty charge notice
  • businesses can view and print HMRC approved consolidated parking invoices which itemise VAT

VAT receipts

If you need a VAT receipt you can view and print these online when you log in to your account using the RingGo website.

If you provide an email address in your RingGo user account, you can opt to receive a receipt automatically every time you park.

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