Eligible people, such as people with permanent and substantial walking difficulties can apply for or renew a Blue Badge online (via GOV.UK), so that they can park closer to shops, restaurants and other places they want to visit.

Parents of a disabled child under 3 years of age can also apply for a Blue Badge if the child either needs to travel with bulky medical equipment or needs to be close to a vehicle for emergency medical treatment.

Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

Blue Badge eligibility

The Department for Transport (DfT) provide advice and information about eligibility for Blue Badges on their site:

You may be automatically eligible, without further assessment, if you can provide proof of one of the following:

  • you're registered blind or severely sight impaired
  • you receive the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance
  • you receive the 'moving around' component in a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) with a score of 8 points or more
  • you receive a war pensioner's mobility supplement
  • you've received a lump sum benefit within tariff levels 1 to 8 of the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces (Compensation) Scheme and have been certified as having a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking

You may also be eligible subject to further assessment if you:

  • have permanent and substantial difficulty in walking
  • have a severe disability in both arms
  • regularly drive a vehicle but are unable to operate (or have considerable difficulty operating) a parking meter

In these circumstances, and if you've not previously had a Blue Badge from us, then you'll be referred to an Independent Mobility Assessor.

Issuing Blue Badges

We issue Blue Badges on behalf of the DfT under the following conditions:

  • Blue Badges are issued to eligible York residents as the driver or passenger of a vehicle
  • parents of a disabled child under 16 can also apply for a Blue Badge on their child's behalf
  • a Blue Badge does not 'belong to the vehicle'
  • Blue Badges are not issued to relatives or carers

Standard applications take approximately 28 days.

Those which require further assessment (such as an independent mobility assessment) may take longer.

There is a £10 charge for each badge issued. We collect payment when we receive your application, however, if your application is rejected, your payment will be refunded.

Track your Blue Badge application

Use the GOV.UK website to track your Blue Badge application.

Change of circumstances

  • you must notify us if your circumstances change or you change your address
  • you must return your badge if it's no longer needed

Help with blue badge applications

Get help with your application for a Blue Badge.

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