Parking and permits

Parking permit change of vehicle details

If you change your vehicle you'll need to log into your Permit Portal account and provide the new vehicle details.

Log in to Permit Portal

To update your registered vehicle, for vehicle specific permits, you'll need to:

  • select your active permit to open it
  • select the ‘change vehicle details’ tab

You can then update the vehicle registration.

Your account will be updated instantly with the same expiry date as the previous permit.

Dependent on the permit type, a top-up payment or a pro-rata refund may be due for the remaining period of cover, dependent on whether the old or new vehicles are eligible for a discount.

Change of vehicle details for permits issued before September 2021

The change of vehicle process is different if you hold a non-digital permit (a paper permit), issued prior to the launch of the digital Permit Portal.

You only need to contact us regarding a change of vehicle if you hold a low emission paper parking permit.

If you hold a standard or high emission paper permit, you do not need to contact us and can continue to use your old permit in your new vehicle until the advised expiry date.

If you hold a low emission paper parking permit you'll need to phone us on telephone: 01904 551309 and advise that you have changed your vehicle.

Your old paper permit will be cancelled, and you'll be issued with a pro-rata refund for any full months remaining on the old permit (the refund should be with you in approximately 10 working days).

After speaking to us you can immediately:

  • log in or register a new Permit Portal account
  • purchase a new permit using the new vehicle details

Log in to Permit Portal

Until your account has been updated you'll be unable to park your new vehicle within the ResPark zone.

Please ensure that you destroy the old permit, showing the previous vehicle details. If the permit is found to be in continued use by one of our Enforcement Officers you may be charged for parking permit fraud.

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