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Parking and permits

Parking permit fraud

Report parking permit fraud to our Veritau Team - they investigate all suspected fraud, on our behalf.

We rely on you reporting suspected fraud to us, and investigate all reports we receive.

Any information you provide can be reported anonymously if you wish.

Parking permit fraud

It's an offence to use a residents' parking permit, or visitor parking permit ('scratch card' or digital visitor parking permit) if you're:

  • not resident at the property
  • not visiting the stated property at the time of use

We also investigate cases of misuse of guest house parking permits.

Blue Badge fraud

Misuse of a disabled person’s parking badge (known as a 'Blue Badge') is also an offence.

We're committed to taking action against Blue Badge fraud and misuse, and will prosecute offenders in serious cases.

It's a criminal offence to display a Blue Badge unless:

  • the badge holder is in the vehicle
  • the vehicle is being used to pick up or drop off the authorised holder

Fraud prevention and data matching exercises

We carry out regular fraud prevention and data matching exercises to protect ourselves against fraud.

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