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Fraud prevention

Coronavirus scams

Be aware of fraudsters who may be:

  • offering advice and treatment for coronavirus
  • setting up websites offering cures or asking for donations for victims
  • contacting organisations suggesting they must have certain measures in place by a certain deadline

To help members of the public protect themselves from becoming a victim of fraud, Cifas, has issued a warning not to fall victim to coronavirus scams.

Fraud costs councils across the UK an estimated £2 billion per year.

Report fraud

If you're aware of fraud happening, or you suspect someone is committing fraud against us:

  • report it to our Veritau Team immediately
  • they will investigate all reports of fraud we receive
  • you can report fraud anonymously, if you wish

Veritau's work to prevent fraud

Our anti-fraud team, Veritau investigates all fraud committed against us, including:

Fraud prevention and data matching exercises

We carry out regular checks to protect ourselves against fraud, such as checking whether people’s circumstances have changed, and whether that means they should no longer be claiming benefits.

Our 'data matching' exercises (which involve comparing computer records held by different organisations) include the National Fraud Initiative, the Housing Benefit Matching Service and other local initiatives. Where necessary, we also share information with the Department for Work and Pensions, other councils and relevant organisations, in order to prevent and detect fraud.

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