Social care fraud

To report social care fraud, contact our Veritau Team who investigate all suspected fraud, on our behalf.

Types of social care fraud

A large amount of the money you pay through your council tax goes towards providing health and social care for those with care and support needs.

We encounter a number of different types of social care fraud, which include:

  • direct payment fraud, where a person receiving care, or someone acting on their behalf, may be misusing the money they receive from us
  • financial abuse of a vulnerable person
  • failing to declare income or savings during a financial assessment

Social care fraud ultimately means that we are paying more towards our care and safeguarding services than necessary. Any money we lose as a result of fraud is money we could have used elsewhere or to keep costs down, so we need your help to prevent fraud wherever possible.

Fraud prevention and data matching exercises

We carry out regular fraud prevention and data matching exercises to protect ourselves against fraud.

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