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Parking and permits

Low emission vehicle parking discounts

You will be entitled to a 50% discount on certain types of parking permit if you have a low emission vehicle.

Your vehicle will be classed as qualifying for the low emission parking discount if:

  • you have a light passenger vehicle that has a low CO2 emission figure that qualifies the vehicle for a reduced rate of vehicle tax
  • the vehicle is in vehicle tax bands A to C (CO2 emission level of vehicles in Bands A to C is up to 120g/km2)
  • the vehicle is electric or liquid propane gas (LPG) powered

You can get discounts on:

You can find vehicle tax information on a new or used car online from the Vehicle Certification Agency.

Proof of vehicle details

Permits issued with a low emission parking discount are vehicle specific so we'll need to see a copy of your vehicle registration document (V5 document), to confirm the vehicle details.

If you're not the registered keeper of the vehicle, we'll need to see the V5 document as well as a covering letter from the owner confirming that you have permission to use the vehicle. Examples where this may be the case include:

  • lease cars
  • company cars
  • cars owner by other family members

You can send scanned copies of the V5 document and cover letter (if required) by email, but photographs of documents are not acceptable.

Please note that if you don’t own the vehicle, if a parking fine is issued and not paid, any notification letters will be sent to the registered keeper and not your address.

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