Parking and permits

Commercial parking permits

Cost of commercial parking permits

A commercial parking permit is valid for 12 months.

There are different charges depending on whether you wish to park in just 1 ResPark zone, or all ResPark zones.

There are also 2 different rates available depending on the level of emissions that your vehicle produces.

Once you have entered your vehicle registration into the Permit Portal, the system will automatically identify if your vehicle is entitled to a discount.

Discounted rate

You may be eligible for a discount dependent on your vehicle type; low emission parking discounts are available for electric/LPG powered cars and cars with emissions up to 120g/km2 (vehicle tax bands A-C).

If you want to check whether you qualify for the discounted rate before applying, you can find vehicle tax information on a new or used car online from the Vehicle Certification Agency.

Standard rate

You'll be charged the standard rate for any vehicles which don't qualify for the discounted rate.

See details of commercial parking permit costs.

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